Should Canada have been more discreet about subsidizing Bombardier?

Every country that has an aerospace industry, subsidizes it.

  • Cat-astrophe

    “Should Canada have been more discreet about subsidizing Bombardier?”

    Well they could have passed ALL the money under the desk in envelopes. Like they don’t know how to do that in Quebec.

    • Alain

      No, all those envelopes are passed to the Liberals as kickbacks. They openly fund Bombardier and give Bombardier preferencial treatment against other Canadian companies, so the only thing they regret is not having kept it secret now.

  • ntt1

    after the sponsorship scandal, liberals should have been very careful before investing so many millions.
    And then only to have the bombardier management turn around and give themselves huge bonuses despite effectively going broke due to incompetence, It was Classic liberal tribal cronyism.

  • BillyHW

    Every country that has a Quebec, subsidizes it.

  • Bla Bla

    I bet you trudeau’s big mouth led to this action. Next time, maybe he’ll keep his trap shut on who becomes president south of the border – then again, he is not smart enough to do so.

  • Gary

    Bombardier stopped being Canadian long ago just like how the Chrysler of the 1980’s in Windsor had died and is now FCA ( FIAT Chrysler Automobile ) of Italy that has their HQ in the UK .
    The last major car Company that was Canada based was the McLaughlin-Buick that was Bought-Out by GM USA for the war effort in 1942 .
    While the Bricklin was built on New Brunswick in the 1980’s , in was for Export only to the USA and funded partially the the NB Government.

    Politicians are running a Ponze scheme to stay in power while it’s funded by the tax payer that will be left holding the bag. The CBC should have died 10 years ago and sold off in pieces to local media that produce National News and 1/3 rd the cost and actually make a profit.
    Every one of the Pension funds for Public Unions and the CBC hold shares in many non-Unionized Corporations and Businesses that are a 4-Profit entity because they make money to grow the Pension fund for a better retirement package.

    Sid Ryan can fool the low IQ sloth in his Unions…..but i saw him as a fraud right from the start. Ryan even tried to look like he was against racism by his story about a job Interview where the HR rep assured him we don’t hire Ni**ers here if you’re worried about it.
    This was Ryan talking about rampant racism that his Union fights every day……but , Sid took that job and worked for the same Company that didn’t hire Ni**ers which showed he was a fraud .

  • Ho Hum

    The Quebec government invested 1 Billion into Bombardier in exchange for a 50% equity in the C Series program, i.e. it cannot be considered a “subsidy”. The Canadian government loaned Bombardier $800 Million at very favorable rates. The loan has to be paid back in full so again not really a subsidy. The Quebec and Federal government were not “discreet” about these transactions because they don’t violate international trade rules.

    What is happening is the Trump administration is using America’s huge economic might in an attempt to wipe out a very important industry in Canada. Trump is a bully and I am afraid we can expect more attacks on Canadian manufacturing companies.

    Canada is America’s best trading partner (the US enjoys a $12 Billion SURPLUS in the sale of goods and services with Canada) and this is how we are treated? 220% tariff’s slapped on Jets which already have 50% American content! Meanwhile I doubt we will see Trump levy tariff’s on any Chinese products – a country with which it has a $400 Billion trade DEFICIT.

  • simus1

    The real problem isn’t Boeing because they have no dog in the fight. They helped to get the Russian Sukhoi Superjet competitor designed and built to international standards of efficiency and value for money spent and apparently have zero interest in buying out Bomba. The thing is if Airbus can see its way clear to turn around and organize a bigger more efficient regional jet project than anything going at the moment, that will really raise the ante.