Quebec man gets nine-year sentence for terrorism-related crime

Ismael Habib is first Canadian to be convicted of trying to join a terror organization. In his particular case, he tried to leave Canada with a fake passport.

  • John the Mad

    Too bad Habib’s name isn’t Omar Khadr. Then Mr. Habib could actually have joined Al Qaida, killed an unarmed US army medic with a grenade, badly wound another soldier, spend less than three years in Canadian custody, become the darling of the left wing media and and be awarded over $10 Million tax free dollars by Justin Trudeau for his efforts.

    Mr. Habib now has nine years to contemplate the difference in his treatment. This hapless terrorist never even got to leave Canada. No virgins in the penitentiary. He is no doubt wracked with bitterness over the injustice of it all. Some terrorists are more equal than others.

  • Alain

    In a normal and healthy country he would be stripped of Canadian citizenship and deported. Nine years of prison (by the way it will never amount to that under our system) will not change anything, and we can expect a more experienced terrorism upon his release.