MSNBC Panelist On Puerto Rico: Trump Believes ‘Only White People Are True Americans’

MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson said on “AM Joy” Saturday that President Trump’s reaction to Puerto Rico was the result of “white nationalist” policy.

  • Alain

    When did it become acceptable and legal to slander? Without any evidence and without any example of when and where Trump said or indicated this and yet making such a claim is libel/slander. These liars need to face the consequences for their actions.

    • Bla Bla

      Certainly no different from the blood libel practiced against another group of people these freaks hate – the jewish. They are just itching to get more of their deranged followers out there in the streets and shooting those they feel are against their unholy communist revolution.

    • shasta

      They are itching for a tribal war like in Uganda and many other countries; and if they keep on they just might succeed. I don’t think they would be happy with the results.

  • BillyHW

    Blacks and Hispanics spend all their freakin’ time taking a shit on America and then they are surprised and upset to find out they aren’t real Americans?

  • barryjr

    This is bullshit it’s time to start calling a spade a spade. And yes I know exactly what I typed and see the lousy double entendre. If America is so bad get your black ass on the first plane or boat and go home to Africa.

    • Tooth&Claw

      They always forget, a significant number of black people voted for Trump,gee, maybe it’s because he’s not racist.

  • simus1

    Evidently blaming Trump for everything is much more important than explaining who looted Puerto Rico of billions (Rich Port in English) by peddling its worthless bonds for decades to all comers. Where did the money go?

  • Gary

    Where were all these blacks when Obama ignored the near 7,000 homicides during the 8 years that were a vast majority of black victims in Chicago and Detroit.
    Where were all the feminists and Hollywood celebs to condemn sexism when Hillary lost to Obama in 2007 where he went on the be the President ???
    Oh wait….when Democrats were sexists it got excused away that Obama was the better Candidate that Hillary.
    Then we saw Obama elected twice but when Trump beat Hillary it was
    Van Jones that said it was racism by Blacklash to punish Obama.

  • Bless his heart

    You know how those racists just flip out when discussing any US President that is not a Democrat.

    That is just a black lashing out due to their lifelong indoctrination by the left, and the way they always do what the Democrat Party says to do.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Real Americans speak English, only 20% of Puerto Rico’s population is fluent in English.
    Therefore, they are not real Americans.
    PR is a commonwealth and a US protectorate but not a state, and never will be one.
    They are not real Americans.
    They have their own Supreme Court, and it’s not the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Therefore once more, not real Americans.
    We took them off the Spanish in the Spanish American War, but they need to be granted their independence.
    They are also just as corrupt as any Latin American country, and are not culturally American either.

  • sk6actual

    Understandably, persons suffering injury and loss will generate much ado about me, me, me and desire aid and assistance not just NOW but that includes YESTERDAY, a great natural disaster impeding such notwithstanding.

    Progdemlibtardian logic dictates that assistance which is 1,000 miles away and must arrive by ship or plane has absolutely no relevance. That other natural disasters of greater magnitude occurred prior to their disaster drained resources immediately available has no relevance. That the locale is/was in no physical condition to receive the aid if it was immediately available has no relevance. That the resource sucking territory since 1898 has no value other than Progdemlibtardian votes or a hotbed for rebellion and intrigue has no relevance.