Malaysia: Muslims are Halal and Non-Muslims are Haram

Perhaps the government should also look into setting up a Muslims-only neighbourhood, so we Muslims no longer have to be doubtful when inhaling air contaminated with unholy (read unclean) particles exhaled by the non-Muslims, or accidentally touching objects touched by the contaminated hands of the non-Muslim pork eaters and dog lovers.

  • Isn’t that … “racist”?

    • xavier

      Has a hustvthe Adele brained sense of entitlement. No worries build a walled city where you can never leave and in less than a generation, there won’t be any more Moslem left

    • Maurice Miner


      Submit yourself to your nearest cultural re-education centre for a bit of, ummm, re-education.

      • I am contrite.

        • Maurice Miner

          “Contrite” simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

          You need to be re-educated to the extent that you call out “Fake News” every time you even glance across something like this.

          Indeed, we at BCF will will only know that you have been cured of your Islamophobic/homophobic/anti-Democrat tjought processes, when you denounce not only the fake news, but the raaaacist thought processes behind evil Western anti-Islam sites.

          If you were truly “contrite”, you would simply turn yourself in to the authorities for re-education.

          Please let us know when that occurs.

  • Watchman

    “Perhaps the government should also look into setting up a Muslims-only neighbourhood,”

    Britain has almost achieved this in London, Birmingham and a few other cities. France is even further advanced with its 751 Zones Sensibles. Even Sweden seems to have set some up something like this.

    • Maurice Miner

      Yes, indeed they have, and it has been universally successful in keeping out the Infidels.

      Europe is totally fucked, in case I haven’t mentioned it previously…

      • Watchman

        Yes you have mentioned it before, but don’t stop. The slower and less educated non-muslims still have not learnt, so until they do….

    • tom_billesley
  • simus1

    Malaysia is run fairly competently and permanently by the party of crooks pretending to be good muslims and are generously supported by the largely ethnic Chinese business community. The opposition party on the other hand, tend to have muslim fanatic eruptions from time to time which are popular with the backwoods crowds but tend to frighten some city dwellers with a stronger preference for a 21st century lifestyle.

    • xavier

      We’ll that’s slowly fraying. I think the Chinese will quietly read the riot act to UNMO same goes with the non Moslem Indians.

    • Watchman

      The Chinese don’t really have any choice. There is a racist system set up in Malaysia called the Bumiputera system which immensely favours Malays over every other ethnic group, originally to address inequity of wealth. One of the side effects is that every Malay is defined to be muslim, so it’s a religious discriminatory system as well. Being a Malay is to benefit from affirmative action in government, education and business. Public corporations must have 30% ownership by Malays, real estate is 7% cheaper, and quotas are set for Malays in universities. As a result, Malays are often employed solely to meet mandatory participation laws instead of through merit based selection. Many Malaysian Chinese thus send their children overseas because of their worldwide traditional emphasis on education and thus lack of places in Malaysia universities, and possibly the lower quality caused by enforced affirmative action ensuring that classes inclusion of students who might otherwise not be qualified to be there.

      Although the Bumiputera system was originally supposed to be a temporary help to bring up the education and wealth of the native Malays, in practice this is a permanent ethnic and religious apartheid that will never be repealed because of the mandatory dominance of (muslim) Malays in Malasian government.

  • Minicapt

    It’s satire …
    “A Muslims-only private hospital. Hospitals employing only Muslim doctors and Muslim nurses while accepting only Muslim patients. Hospital uses only halal treatment comprising of holy water and verses from the holy book and, of course, Muslims-only blood banks.”


    • terrence22

      do not leave camel pee out of those treatments