Kaepernick/Commie Loving Army Officer Was Inspired By Chelsea Manning

“I’m currently an infantry officer at Ft. Drum, NY assigned to the same brigade that she was while enlisted,” Rapone wrote in a post. “Every single day I think of the contradictions of being a communist while in this organization, and her courage and tenacity gives me strength to continue the long march through the institutions.”

  • Watchman

    15 minutes of fame before a lifetime of hate. I wonder if he will ever realise he was a “Useful Idiot” for the Communist who sent him down this road and ruined his career and possibly any chance to ever get out of the debt he is likely to owe the government for his tertiary education.

    • WalterBannon

      like the global warming cult, and all the idiots who buy into “the diversity enriches us” ethnic cleansing, both crimes being practiced against the people by the govt

      useful idiots

  • ontario john

    Perhaps he can walk across the border and join our military. Its recruitment day for the reserves across Canada. Yes, it seems the reserves are having a hard time getting the little snow flakes in Canada to join. I guess the emphasis on hiring transgender, muslim, black, people in wheel chairs isn’t working.

    • Watchman

      Looks like they can find three persons who fit all of these requirements, the recruiters will have to break their backs to get more almost-qualified people into that rare category.

    • Bla Bla

      Good, it means they’ll have trouble in the future trying to put down any rebellion against their treasonous marxo-islamist transformation of the country.

  • Brett McS

    Ironically, the military is already a top-down command and control hierarchy not unlike the various Communist systems around the world. Not sure what he is trying to achieve here, but whatever it is, advertising the fact on social media is probably not an optimum strategy.

  • mobuyus

    A 98 lb weakling the enemy could defeat with simple beach sand and a swift foot.

  • Spatchcocked

    Land o Goshen but what a fabulous beach shot of Chelsea…..Red IS her colour !

    I defy anyone to compare it to Marilyn Monroes beach pix and not admit Chelsea has va va vroom!

    • WalterBannon

      there are plenty of optometrists around, would you like a referral?

    • Bla Bla


  • Editor

    That picture encompasses so much that’s wrong with America . . .

    • Bla Bla

      The ‘fundamental transformation’ that puppet action obama and his ilk always wanted.

  • Barrington Minge

    Two idiots dragging out their 15 minutes for all they are worth. It must be hard to realise that very soon, nobody will give a flying toss about them or their ideas.

  • vimy

    His long march,gee I wonder where he came up with that phrase.