Is Justin Canada’s main tourist attraction? Feds spend $13.7M on PM focused social media ads

Documents tabled by CPC MP Blake Richards put the cost of the federal government’s social media promo-tour on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at $13.7M, which is a lot of money to spend boosting Justin Trudeau’s image and non-existent government programs. 

  • Watchman

    Did they get this sort of thing for their money:
    AnonCGov3214: “Justin is so hot #SexyJustinCan”
    AnonCGov4432: “Justin is so smart #SexyJustinCan”
    AnonCGov1386: “Justins govment 4 ever #SexyJustinCan”
    AnonCGov374: “Harper sux ars #SexyJustinCan”
    AnonCGov14233: “Trump old n rciss #SexyJustinCan”
    AnonCGov859: “Trump vs Justin no question #SexyJustinCan”

  • CodexCoder

    The problem is that the government does not fear the taxpayer. We have been relegated to the category of sheep whose only destiny is fleecing.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Canadians en masse need to stop working for one or two full days and deprive this government of tax revenue.