Google Investigates Its Own Meddling in US Election

The plot thickens is what many would say at the reports coming out in the last few days. The Russian meddling in the US election did not result in the usual suspects this week, but rather into quite a few San Francisco behemoths of tech.

  • Bla Bla

    Oops! Looks like someone got caught with their hands in the cookie jar – expect the story to disappear shortly. Let’s not forget google execs also had a hand in the failed arab spring that brought the muslim brotherhood to power in egypt – then the horror of Crucifixions and torture began over there until General Sisi put an end to it.

  • Gary

    This is much like that time a had a Compliant about the TTC where there was overt evidence and I reported it to City Hall first as to have a witness.
    Surprise surprise , I got an answer from the City that forwarded the report from the TTC that said that THEY did a full review of the issue in my Complaint and all the protocols were followed and the case was closed.
    I didn’t ask if the Protocols were followed because we all know that the TDSB and Public Unions have Protocols that are really there to cover-up crimes so the Police don’t know about them.

  • Alain

    So does this mean that the Russians are running Google? Wow, they are like those Jews, you know who are everywhere and running the world.

  • Victor

    At one time it was the Democrats who cried Bust The Trusts
    but that was more than a century ago!

    Let’s hope it is the GOP who either regulate Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter et al. as utilities, or if they fight against that, then break them up as was done with ATT four decades ago.