Canada Urged To Monitor Funds Sent To UNRWA

For years, Hamas has controlled the purse strings and syphoned off cash to promote its terrorist agenda. It operates a summer camp to indoctrinate young terrorists and boasts that the students it trains come from schools operated by UNRWA. It controls the employees union and teachers union in Gaza, ensuring its cadres benefit from the cash donated by governments from around the world – including Canada – that are supposed to go to easing the plight of Palestinian refugees.

  • Editor

    That this is not already the case is incredible and the problem with most, if not all, foreign aid. Tons of food and money given to countries and cultures where corruption is endemic. What could go wrong? My wife remembers buying wheat, in bright white and red bags labeled “A gift from Canada” from government teachers in her home country in the late 60s, early 70s. Pretty sure that’s not what Canada intended for that wheat.

    • Watchman

      Things like this destroy the local food growers as they can’t compete with sources of free food that are redirected/hijacked and are sold through the normal food distribution system. When it goes on long enough, the local food producers stop even attempting to compete and the nation can become dependant on food donations, even if the end users never are given free food.

      I once talked to a member of a food supply charity and asked them about endemic corruption in some of the countries they supply free food donations to. This persons position was that even if 95% of the food donations was stolen or had to be handed over as tribute to local warlords for passage, 5% was still ending up doing good.

  • Oracle9

    Not a chance with this current “prime minister”.

    • Alain

      Agreed, this government will more likely increase the funding.

      • Gary

        Considering how Justin’s Muslim MP’s clapped in the House when Justin refused to rescue the children being raped by their muslim brothers in ISIS…….I won’t be shocked if the ALL support Hamas at their local Mosque and even give their Zakat to Fake islamic Charities that send it to Terrorists groups in the Middle East . His MP’s support pedophilia and murdering gays. THAT’S why the Liberal don’t let any GAY muslims into their Party to run as an MP or would even be the Party leader.

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  • Alain

    Monitoring how the funds are used is passé; it is already well documented that they are used to promote terrorism and anti-Semitism. Why are we still funding them?

    • Watchman

      The UNHCR would claim that they carefully ensure money donated by Canada never goes to terrorists, the terrorist’s families, or for anti-semite propaganda purposes. What the won’t tell you is that Canadian donations frees up other money that was allocated by Hamas for other purposes to be used to support terrorists and their families.

      Money is miscible so it is easily to claim that the proportion that any single country donates to UNHCR is not used to assist terrorists, and yet the UNHCR still manages to fund terrorists and anti-semitism.