‘Anywhere but Haiti’: Asylum seeker retraces his 15,000-km odyssey to Canada

In Orlando, Fla., Pierre worked as a check-in manager at the airport and at Walt Disney World

When Pierre left Cap-Haïtien for South America, he never imagined he’d wind up in the woods of upstate New York.

But nine years and 10 countries later, he stepped into Canada and was arrested by the RCMP.

  • Lightstream

    So he’s a socialist. Yeah, like we need more of them.

    “In Haiti most people are unemployed. It’s miserable. There are kidnappings all the time.”

    You can bet if there was any trouble in Canada or the U.S., all these migrants would be the first out the door.

  • Alain

    If this is supposed to evoke compassion for Pierre, it is like waterr on a duck’s back for me. He had more than enough opportunities to have legal status and live out his life in those countries, but he chose not to and entered Canada illegally. Perhaps those other countries had good reason for rejecting him.

  • ontario john

    Good News for Haitians crossing the Quebec border today. The demonstration has ended in time for hot meals to be prepared for them, as mounties carry their luggage across the border. The CBC was worried about that this morning. AND REMEMBER, EVERYTHING IS FREE IN JUSTIN’S CANADA.

  • Maggat

    “Haitian family fleeing Donald Trump’s America tries to find footing in Montreal.” What a stupid remark, trust the CBC for that one.