UK: Muslim host-family arrested after neighbours hear screams and smell body burning of French nanny

The father of a French au pair whose charred body was discovered at a £900,000 London home has claimed his daughter was having problems with the family she worked for.

  • simus1

    If memory serves, in Dumpsterstsan similar fires are usually called “unsatisfactory or incomplete dowry, daughter- in-law cooking fire accidents”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I love the smell of burning French nanny in the morning. It’s the smell….of diversity

  • Millie_Woods

    God! England’s a shithole.

  • Murderer is their middle name. It seems that Muslims live in a kind of nightmare (horror movie) world, dragging innocent bystanders into it occasionally. People who interact with them – well, they kind of deserve what they get. It is not as if the character and doings of Muslims are unknown to the general public. They are common knowledge, but people choose to ignore the danger.

  • k2

    I have to wonder if at least some of the arguments that the happy couple were reported to be having were over the nature of the man’s relationship with the French nanny. Cliche, I know, but still.

    • patriot6

      I thought of that too.

  • bob e

    I’m so sick of this ..

  • Bless his heart

    Expel all of the invader Muslims from Europe.

    They have been attacking and murdering Europeans since the 600’s. Why in the great wide world would anyone expect Muslims to change? Why?