Tomi Lahren Takes on Michelle Obama’s Criticism of Female Trump Voters

‘You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton.’

What do you think of this woman? Tomi is certainly attractive and has strong message although her delivery style puts me off a bit. She’s billed as one of the up-and-coming female Conservative commentators but is pro-choice. Thoughts?

P. S. I may be biased because no one will ever compare to Marissa from The Rebel.

  • Krista Kay

    Tomi has just begun and it will be interesting to see if her style will develop beyond where it is now.

    About her “pro-choice” stance. I would think most normal folk are both. They are “pro-choice” – “favoring the legalization of abortion” as opposed to having abortion illegal and are “pro-life” – “opposed to abortion” since so many unwanted pregnancies can be avoided.

    • Thanks. Tomi covers some good topics and her opinions are usually well thought out. We may start using her articles more often if people like them.

      • Surele Surele

        We do like them. You might also take a look at this episode of the Dave Rubin Report. Perhaps a bit long as a subject of a comment, but this beautiful young woman covers topics from BLM, Trump, the knee and why conservative women are so gorgeous. Worth every minute of it.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Is it bimbo’clock?

  • k1992

    Conservatives don’t agree on everything, of course. The overall themes: smaller government, greater individual liberty, capitalism, nationalism – these are what are kind of “non-negotiable” if one wishes to be a conservative.

    About her style and flamboyance: she reminds me a little in this regard of The Rebel’s Faith Goldy – who recently got herself in trouble with her passion. Hopefully this won’t happen to Lahren and both will mature and improve their styles as journalists. Though some bona fide passion is welcome; I love that about Faith Goldy.

    Finally, I would be concerned that she might develop too high opinion of herself – which, if it did occur, would attract from her attractiveness but also her effectiveness at her job.

  • sk6actual

    Since when did being pro choice make one a lesser conservative?

    • I mentioned that because a lot of people feel very strongly about that issue and it’s why she was let go by The Blaze.

      • Blacksmith

        AS do I. Killing innocents is way over the line for me. If you don’t want a child then don’t do the deed or take the proper precautions. Killing the unwanted child for your mistake is wrong in my opinion.

      • sk6actual

        Duly noted, ty

  • Malcolm Y

    I liked Faith Goldy but I guess she got too “real” for the bold REBELs and they asked her to beat it. I also liked Lauren Southern although I didn’t always know what she meant. Both were very good looking.

  • Maggat

    Wow! and she’s good looking as well.

  • DaninVan

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  • Brett McS

    Marissa Semkiw! She was great!