Liberals’ access to information bill would ‘severely’ limit access and create new hurdles: watchdog

Suzanne Legault said the measures fail to deliver on Liberal election promises. ‘If passed, it would result in a regression of existing rights’.

  • Exile1981

    Little Potatoe’s handlers want to make it harder for facts to get out. Also this will make it easier to cover up corruption.

  • People voted to be lied to.

    • Alain

      Voting Liberal or NDP is a guarantee.

      • As long as they are preoccupied with the new Red Scare, everything is just dandy.

  • Watchman

    C’mon, they were only ‘Campaign Commitments’, nor real promises. After all, everyone knows that real businesses would be sued out of existence or disallowed to make the commitments that politicians regularly make before elections and break immediately after they’re elected.

    • Will Quest

      ” Canada ……. they’re Baaaaack ”
      ♪ ♫ Sunny ways! ♫ ♪ 🙁