Europe: What do Islamic Parties Want?

  • Sweden’s Jasin party is not unique. Islamist parties have begun to emerge in many European countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and France.
  • In the Netherlands, Denk ran on a platform against the integration of immigrants into Dutch society (instead advocating “mutual acceptance”, a euphemism for creating parallel Muslim societies); and for establishment of a “racism police” that would register “offenders” and exclude them from holding public office.
  • “I consider every death of an American, British or Dutch soldier as a victory”. — Dyab Abu Jahjah, leader of a group called Movement X and possibly starting an Islamist party in Belgium. The Belgian political magazine Knack named Jahjah the country’s fourth-most influential person.
  • The “I.S.L.A.M” party, founded in 2012, is working to implement Islamic law, sharia, in Belgium. The party already has branches in the Brussels districts of Anderlecht, Molenbeek and Liege. The party wants to “translate religion into practice”.
  • In France, as the journalist Yves Mamou recently reported, the PEJ has already approved 68 candidates and wants to abolish the separation of church and state, make veils mandatory for schoolgirls in public schools, introduce halal food in all schools and fight “Islamophobia”.
  • ontario john

    And in related news, the National Post is reporting that over 37 thousand invaders have crossed the border so far in 2017. Thankyou Justin.

  • Observer

    I think we already have that but here they are known as the Liberal Party of Canada.

  • tom_billesley

    What do they want? It’s all in their playbook.

  • tom_billesley

    The “anti-war” Respect Party launched by George Galloway in 2004 deregistered in 2016 as with cult-idol Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of the Labour Party, it’s redundant.

  • Exile1981

    Islamic parties want power and the control needed to force their twisted ideology onto the rest of us by the sword.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Given the cowardice of indigenous politicians, what the Islamists want they are likely to get.

  • Alain

    Are you sure the above is correct? Based on what Yves Mamou stated as the party’s platform, it sounds more like the Liberal Cabinet in Canada than France.