Canada’s border agency to start tracking the number of cellphone searches

The Canada Border Services Agency will begin tracking the number of cellphones its officers search at the border, and will provide Canadians their first glimpse into the frequency of those searches after six months.

  • Editor

    I wipe my cell phone clean, all messages and activities, every two, three days. I have a few important numbers I just don’t want to have to remember and that’s it. I was born in the black rotary phone era and don’t feel the need to keep thousands of “What’s for supper?” texts for posterity. I just don’t get the desire or supposed need to archive mundane crap forever.

    • Exile1981

      I’m the same way. I get lots of work emails and texts on my phone and I do not want them kept on my cell.

      • Editor

        I refused from day one to give my employer my personal cell number. They had my home landline number, if they wanted me tethered 24/7 they would have to pay for it. They never did.

        • Exile1981

          I’m a contractor, so anytime they send me something it’s $$. Also part of my job does involve being on call for emergencies and incidents.

          Back in my day as salary doing the same job I didn’t get paid to be on call and it sucked. Back nearly 20 years ago I had a work cell and I was taking a week off for my honeymoon. I told my boss my cell would be off during that week and then I told him the wrong city of where we were going for said honeymoon. I told my assistant the actual city and hotel in case of an actual emergency, rather than the bosses idea of emergency. My assistant sent me a message on the 4th day that the boss had had the receptionist calling every hotel in the city he thought we were at (Banff) looking to try and find me.

          • Editor

            The assistant “emergency filter” was a great idea. I worked it out by only giving my direct supervisor, a competent technician in his own right, my cell number and not any of the panicky “what if” girls.

  • Clink9

    O.T. Lil’ Turdo and Wynne’s buddy Ben Levin was granted parole January 10 / 2017.

    Must have been some party after.

  • Alain

    Yeah, now tell us how many of those iPhones and laptops of all the thousands of illegals have they checked? The ones claiming to be refugees and also jumping the border.