Why Moderate Muslims Will Never Condemn Islamic Terrorism

A good example of wasting one’s time is where those in the west look for moderate Muslims to unite and condemn the violent teachings and actions of believers of Islam. It will never happen on any scale that would remotely make a difference in stopping the steady wave of Jihad attacks around the globe.

Even the insect-sized number of European leaders who have shown momentary clarity in their leftist judgment and admit that Islam is the cornerstone of terror attacks in Europe are suffering from a blend of delusion and wishful thinking when focusing on seeking help from the moderate Muslim community.

    • It is a supremacist cult.

      • A lot more than a cult and a lot more dangerous. Time to push back with force.

        • Moderate Muslims are camouflage for the jihadis.

          And Western liberals are easy to deceive.

          • A Hamilton Guy

            You will never meet a lieberal with common dog fuck!.

  • PaulW

    Without the doctrine of death for apostates, clearly, islam would have long ago disappeared.

  • JoKeR
    • k1992

      Is there any other Western nation where such a sign could be posted? God bless America!

  • Thinking From First Principles

    There is a far more significant factor at play, and I am surprised that it is not discussed more. The Islamic concept of “slander” is different – it includes mentioning anything that a person would not want mentioned – and this is an even more effective limit on communication than the Mafia’s code of omerta. A Muslim may not even speak about a topic that another Muslim possibly would not want to have discussed. These attacks are inherently controversial and therefore a Muslim will presume that another would not want them talked about … this makes talking about them haram. End of discussion, whether they agree or disagree and would otherwise want to speak out against it.

  • Editor

    There is no moderate islam. Only islam.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Jihad is war and must be answered accordingly.

  • Because then they would have to admit that their ideology started all of this.

  • Krista Kay


    A short list of journalists, professors, politicians and others who are making a difference, along with those who were born-muslim and someone who recently converted to Islam, all who deserve support.


    Tahir Aslam Gora
    Tarek Fatah
    Syed Raza
    Raheel Raza
    Khaled Abu Toameh
    M Zuhdi Jasser
    Mahleej Sarkari
    Salman Sima
    Farzana Hassan-Shahid
    Tawfik Hamid
    Shabnam Assadollahi
    Muslims Facing Tomorrow – Salim Mansour – Professor/Journalist
    Sia Vash Sufi
    Yasmine Mohammed
    Mahdi Satri
    Qanta Ahmed
    Yahya Mahamid
    Muhammad Chad
    Shafik Mikhail
    Ali Sina
    Jamel Matawaa
    Hussein Aboubakr
    Shaaz Mahboob

    Born Muslim –
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    Sandra Israel
    Nonie Darwish – Human Rights Activist, Author, Speaker
    Wafa Sultan
    Ibn Warraq

    A recent convert to Islam – thanks to conversations with FBook connections who shared the truth, she changed to a Zionist.

    Felicia Nicole-Sanika Burkhardt

    …..Of course, there are many others; Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhists, Jews etc. who are missing from this short list but who deserve utmost respect and support for their “fighting ‘the left’, doing it ‘right’ (thanks blazin’ !)…

    One example of why it’s worthwhile to never stop because ya never know when a Hater will learn the truth and change.