time to smile…

  • Amusing video.

    Genetic science is sure to help us rewrite all natural and human history. I envy those who will be around when this process is well on the way. I am curious to know its results.

    • I’m troubled why people would offer their DNA so freely.

      • Curiosity, I guess.

        • Giving one’s DNA freely to some company doesn’t sound right to me.

          Furthermore, whatever this test may come up with, who cares? If your ancestors were princes and you are an insurance adjuster, what did that test do other than show one how life has diverged dramatically?

          • Still, some people are curious about these things. I’ve personally never done it, but I have considered doing it.

          • Perhaps.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I am 100% African.
    That’s where the DNA guys say we all came from some 100 thousand years ago.
    My actual DNA says I am an Anglo Saxon. (done about a dozen years ago…)
    That’s all, just a plain vanilla white guy.
    The DNA people sent me a map showing how we all came from Africa, but, BUT I am not even a smidge Nigerian, or Congolese….I have no new favorite hat to wear….
    I asked the DNA people why? How come we all turned white?
    They never replied….some other dear soul said it was because of long winters and pigmentation changes over millennia, but that yes, I too am a colored person.
    I suppose it is possible, that in some sort of Galápagos Islands kind of way we morphed due to the lack of vitamin D….but I’m still a bit skeptical…like I’ve never seen a white arctic dwelling peoples with the “Indigenous” label…..but the message is CLEAR, in all the DNA messaging and packaging; White skinned people are an abortion of nature.
    Thank goodness for the “South Park” guys allowing us to all have a big laugh at ourselves.

    • Watchman

      “How come we all turned white?”
      According to the Nation of Islam, you are genetically engineered: “By using a special method of birth-control law, the Blackman [blacks] was able to produce the white race. This method of birth control was developed by a Black scientist known as Yakub, who envisioned making and teaching a nation of people who would be diametrically opposed to the Original People [blacks].” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beliefs_and_theology_of_the_Nation_of_Islam

      So it’s supposed to be a bit like the Alien Covenant movie, with Yakub’s white ‘David’ creation taking over.

      • Fake science concocted by and for ignorant and stupid people.

    • Oracle9

      Just read a couple of weeks ago that humanity actually emigrated from Europe.

      • Yes, I read that too. Could be. But as of when? As I recall, the aborigines of Australia had already migrated there about 50,000 years ago, and they were obviously black. According to some theories I’ve read, the European races traveled from Africa to Europe about 30,000 years ago. There were still Neanderthals there at the time (i.e. another species of human than ours) – and genetic traces (a small percentage) of their sexual interactions with our species persist in some European individuals. All very fascinating, whatever the truth turns out to be in the next few decades.

    • It is reasonable to suppose that all humans have common ancestors, just as all monkeys or crocodiles or eagles do. Indeed, it is also reasonable to suppose we have common ancestors with monkeys, and earlier than that with mice or dogs, and before that with dinosaurs, and so on.

      So the idea that all humans came out of Africa is not absurd, unless we assume (as some people did before the advent of modern biology) that Africans and Asians, etc., are different species from Whites, even if they can reproduce together. I do believe all these issues will be dealt with in very definite ways by modern genetics – this was the thrust of my initial comment.

    • What is historically true, in any case, is that Europeans – to their credit – have really shot ahead of other peoples in the past few centuries, inventing philosophies, industries, sciences, education, political systems, laws, culture, etc. much more advanced than other peoples. They don’t need to be another species to have done that.

    • Also, Cat-astrophe, are you just Anglo-Saxon, or do you have admixtures of Briton, Roman, Viking, Norman, and so on (even if fully European). It is interesting to know all the history inscribed in your genes. It shouldn’t change you, but it is interesting.