How Jared Kushner Became His Family’s ‘Fredo’

A devastating article in Vanity Fair details at length President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner’s track record of mediocrity and bad business decisions — with the author comparing Kushner to the bumbling Fredo Corleone fromThe Godfather.

The long read article — written by Rich Cohen — documents Kushner’s rise to the White House, citing claims that he got into Harvard and NYU not due to his grades, which were mediocre, but because of lavish donations his disgraced father Charles poured into the colleges.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I’m not defending Kushner, in fact, I sort of don’t like the guy, but remember that Vanity Fair will NEVER knowingly publish a story that might help or reflect well on Trump.
    The new MSM strategy is to publish stories designed to peel Trump’s base away from him.
    Just think about it, why would a very liberal publication publish a hit piece on the most liberal influence in the administration they deem too right wing?
    Just be very cautious about accepting ANYTHING the MSM has to say about Trump or his administration, because odds are that it’s a lie cut from whole cloth.

    • Alain

      I agree about anything from the MSM. However, there have been enough evidence by solid conservative sites and Bannon to indicate that Kushner and Trump’s daughter are dyed in the wool liberals and continue providing the wrong advice to Trump. As for the description of Kushner’s past by Vanity Fair, I have no idea and honestly do not care. What I do care about is due to this type of influence causing Trump to stray from his election promises. I mean not following through on action and policies that will make the country great again.

  • Hard Little Machine

    VF would run a fashion supplement with Gestapo uniforms from the Hugo Boss catalog if they thought it would smear Trump.

  • Minicapt

    According to Wiki, “… Kushner matriculated at Harvard in 1999. He … sold real estate in Somerville, Massachusetts, as a vice president of Somerville Building Associates (a division of Kushner Companies). Its other vice president was his maternal uncle, Richard Stadtmauer, then vice chairman of Kushner Companies. The venture was dissolved in 2005 after returning a profit of $20 million.”