Gallinger now calls the body modification experience a ‘massive mistake’

No kidding?

  • The Butterfly

    I find the intellectual dimorphism between the sexes of your species to be quite fascinating.

    • I find it scary.

      • “A pet nutritionist”? What the hell? Is she in private practice?

        What do you need to know? Dogs and cats like meet.

        • Editor

          Oh, it’s way more complicated than that. Especially if you want to raise a socially progressive pet.

  • Sharkibark

    She’s a model? Wow, standards have dropped.

    • Editor

      I would guess “niche” model.

  • Editor

    (Don’t be a smartass, don’t be a smartass, don’t be a smartass) Oh! That is unexpected and surprising. Who would have thought getting your eye stabbed with needles a couple of thousand times could have detrimental effects. How sad.