Devout Muslim father who served time for raping a schoolgirl savagely beat his 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend with a hammer

A devout Muslim father who served time for raping a schoolgirl has been jailed for savagely beating his 17-year-old daughter and her secret boyfriend.

Businessman Soruth Ali, 42, was woken up at 5am by noises coming from the bedroom of his second eldest’s room and walked in to find her and lover James Martin in bed together.

The restaurant boss, described as controlling and very religious, went into a rage – grabbing a hammer and hitting Mr Martin over the head before chasing out of his family home in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

  • favill

    When I see the term “devout Christian/Roman Catholic”, the cynical part of me thinks “does he/she really live to the full expectation of what that term means?”. However, when I read the term “devout Muslim” and I read that the person had done something heinous or articulated something abhorrent…I think to myself…that person is “living down” to the tenets of Islam–there are probably even worse things that will come out in the future.

    • Islam is the religion of the lowest expectations.

      • favill

        I wouldn’t say “lowest expectations”…more like the “worst expectations”. Your sister gets raped…Get the male family members to hunt the bastard who did it and beat and/or kill him? (nope), demand the legal system to incarcerate the bastard who did it? (nope)…Hey I know, let’s go kill our sister/daughter for bringing dishonour to our family. (great idea)

  • Muslims are truly sick people. They have been made sick by the “religion” and “culture” they are born in (or have adopted). Imagine a system of “morals” that enjoins murder, rape, robbery, enslavement, intolerance, etc. This is Islam. It does the very opposite of what a truly spiritual discipline should do. Therefore, it can be said to proceed from the Dark Side, the demonic forces, within human nature, and not from the side of Light.

    • k1992

      But it does, seemingly, satisfy some human need, doesn’t it? Perhaps as flawed, fallen beings we have a capacity and propensity for evil, which we must actively and continually oppose. And of course, evil actions are certainly condoned, praised and even mandated, in islam, so this horrible ideology plays to a dark side of human nature.

      • Yes, there’s a market for it. But there’s also the fact that people are born in families and countries where Islam is the norm, with all its beliefs and practices. These are chains very hard to break out of.

    • Mo claims he got his revelations from the archangel Gabriel.

      Consider: What if Mo was talking to the devil?

      Islam when looked as a whole, looks a lot more like the work of the devil than the work of “God”.

      Islam’s presence creates a sort of hell on earth.

      • Bob, I don’t believe in the devil, but I do believe in God. Mohamed was no doubt talking to the devil within himself, and only using the idea of God (stolen from others) as a way to get power – that’s why his work could only create hell on earth.

    • favill

      When I was a very young child, my father told me a story about Satan trying to copy the things that God made. For example, God made Man and when the devil tried to copy His creation, Satan created apes and monkeys, since the devil kept trying to create Man and kept failing. I know it’s a little fairy tale to assuage the questions of a three year old boy…but it fits so well with Islam….God inspired Judaism and Christianity both religions expect Man to live up to the rules of God, to aspire to be better than their baser instincts and desires…Satan made his own religion using the common history of the Bible and the Pentateuch (but confused Isaac with Ishmael) and came up with Islam, which catered to the most base instincts of Man–rapine, idolatry (they worship the Qaaba, which is a rock), murder, rape, duplicity, etc (these tenets of Islam are like the anti-Ten Commandments)

      • jayme

        Have you ever read JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings? In the world that he invented, the evil “god” – he was essentially a fallen angel – tried to copy the creations of the true God but always only made flawed, inferior and horrible works instead. And he started with the creation that Good had made – and mutated it, corrupted it, because he himself, and by extension, evil itself, is unable to truly create anything. Evil is essentially a distortion of good (creation), or even simply the absence of good. CS Lewis argued something like this as well.

        • Yes, evil is second-hand and second-rate, that is why – I do believe – it is in the long run bound to fail. It is too moronic to win.

  • marty_p

    14 months of 3 square halal meals, prayer facilities, unlimited jihad discussions with fellow Mo’s and plenty of time to blame the evil influences of Jews and Kuffars for his daughter’s behaviour and for all of his problems.
    Definitely not going to deter future behaviour.

  • Gary

    If Obama had a son …..