Council boss claims she was forced out after raising concerns about suspected child sexual exploitation

COUNCIL boss has claimed she was forced out after raising concerns about suspected grooming and sexual exploitation of underage girls.

Maggie Siviter, a former child safeguarding lead at North Somerset Council, claimed that authorities failed to act after she warned that licensed premises were suspected of being used to groom vulnerable young girls.

Speaking at her employment tribunal, she said she was “mindful” of the situation that emerged in Rotherham, where child sex abuse by predominantly British-Pakistani men continued for years, unchallenged by authorities.

  • PaulW

    The British essentially are already living as dhimmis in their own nation.

  • Gary This cancer will be going on in Toronto because the Police are now an extension of the Political party in power or the Human Rights Commission which has a list of Groups with special dispensation from our Hate-Laws and Child-Abuse Laws .

    Now that Bill Blair is an MP under Justin Trudeau…….it makes sense for why he went after Rob Ford , Pro-Life groups but allowed Muslims to spew hate in public and the near naked males in the PRIDE parade that exposed them self around children as if to be quasi-pedophiles .

    I feel that we need a new security force called Peace Officers that the Public appoints to guard the City and have guns to enforce ALL the Laws to keep the Peace among ALL the people , no matter what culture a person is from or religion that is used to excuse away the crime.
    Take the guns away from the current Toronto Police and cut their pay by 30% to be re-assigned as Social workers or basic Security for Parades , Street festivals, Construction sites or to promote Tourism in Posters .
    Why even have laws while there are $90,000.00 a year Diversity Officers that are Window Dressing Props to buy votes at City Hall and get parachuted into THEIR community and learn nothing about Diversity and Multiculturalism
    to deal with all the People in Toronto.

    • Liberal Progressive

      The police are absolutely necessary to sternly warn people who are saying hurtful things and to arrest those who publicly question Islam.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      If you were straight and pulling that shit: You would be in jail. Faggots rule!

  • Reader
    • Observer

      My, how times have changed with the coming of the mass hijra to The West.