Christian family imperiled by looming ‘retribution’

A Christian family faces possible retribution as religious zealots try to hunt them down. In keeping with details, Saima (real name withheld for the sake of security) converted to Christianity back in 1990s and few years after married a Christian man namely Abid Masih. Her conversion brewed indignation; as a result of which Saima’s family threatened to kill Abid Masih.

We import Muslims who believe it is permissible to persecute religious minorities. Ain’t that great?

h/t TROP

  • ontario john

    Forget about those silly Christians being murdered and persecuted. I hope everyone read the heart warming story on the Maclean’s Magazine website, about the mosque that has been set up in an Anglican Church. Because the mainline liberal churches in Canada, know that islam is our friend.

    • Bless his heart

      Yes. Great friends. they will happily slit your throat if you don’t properly convert to Islam, or if you insult the prophet.

      Yes. Friends.

  • Gary

    Obama and Justin favoured muslim refugees when THEY were the oppressive ones back home condone kill Christians and Hindu’s.

    Suddenly …. Trump wants to favour the oppressed that don’t want to kill jews and gays but Justin and Obama go nuts while Muslims call be a racists.
    Justin wanted to suck up to the UN and do his Virtue signalling and sent out the CALL Globally for anybody among the 7,000,000,000 people that they are welcomed in Canada no matter you religion or Culture.
    Now the illegals in the USA are heading North to cross into Canada
    for a “refugee” claim while many are over weight and have nice shoes and clothes.
    The same Trudeau Government that tells us these people are safe and Vetted are the same Liberals with a Pakistani MP now wanting Sharia in Canada while MP Maryam Mosef committed Citizenship fraud as an Iran Citizen that said she was an Afghanistan refugee and is still in Canada gorging at the Public trough .

    Booze head John McCallum told us that Canada will favour the most oppressed people such as women and children or homosexuals.
    But i have yet to see just 1 Homosexual that Trudeau paraded around
    to virtue signal .
    The attached photo was from Windsor in 2006 where the “peaceful” jew-hating muslims paid to run Billboards that support Hezboallah and the radical cleric in Iraq . These are the moderate muslims in Windsor where one of them beheazded a taxi driver for offending islam and a local mosque. The muslims at the killers mosque had told Police that they heard him say he would behead the tax driver for allah but we thought it was a joke.
    I’ll remember that when I overheard a plot to bomb a mosque or a muslims run business. It’s just a joke.

  • Thanks to Iqra Khalid, Christian converts can experience this kind of terror every single day.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    It’s these folks that turdope would turn down as refugees.