A beginner’s guide to the AfD

The German public have, as predicted, kept ahold of nurse. But it is the breakthrough of the AfD into the German Parliament that is causing headlines around the world. Of course the four-year old party’s electoral success is also unsurprising. In elections last September the AfD were elected to representative roles in most of the country’s regional assemblies and beat Merkel’s party into third place in her own constituency.

  • Maurice Miner

    What in the name of Allah (swt) does “kept ahold of nurse” mean?

    In my former degenerate life, I kept ahold of many nurses. Wonderful memories.

  • Ego

    From the article:

    To her credit, Merkel – the great absorber of political difference – has said that she will work to bring back the people who voted AfD this weekend. This suggests that she might – just might – take what is essentially the second broad option for Europe’s political mainstream. That is to stop pretending that anything from a quarter to three-quarters of the general public across Europe are Nazi, fascist, racists who need to be reprogrammed, fought, denounced or ignored. Instead it is to recognise that the concerns of the public are concerns that should be addressed and remedied by the political mainstream.

    (1) If Merkel—whose crazy politics have caused irreparable harm to Germany—thinks she can ever get AfD voters to vote for her is beyond delusional. Even worse for her, AfD will continue to grow.
    (2) If concerns of the public are to be “addressed and remedied by the political mainstream,” that would need to start with that mainstream reneging on everything they have said and done in the past 10+ years and bear the political consequences, starting with taking its figurehead, Merkel, and her accomplices to court, and reinventing themselves as something totally different from what they have been for decades. This would require a makeover comparable only to a wolf reinventing itself as a lamb—impossible.
    No, Merkel has no future, and neither have the parties that supported her suicidal and criminal politics.