Self-Described “Progressive, Mainstream” Muslim Groups in America Are Homophobic and Racist

“Islam is a religion of peace, but you can’t have peace without justice,” said self-styled “civil rights activist” Linda Sarsour at the Muslim American Society-Islamic Circle of North America (MAS-ICNA) convention in December 2016. Sarsour, who describes herself as a “Palestinian-American feminist,” is but one example of a radical Muslim in the West who has carefully cultivated an image of herself as righteously preoccupied with liberal values and social justice — and Islamist organizations, such as MAS, ICNA and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), have tried to do the same.

A highlight reel from the MAS-ICNA convention features author Yasmin Mogahed declaring, “We have to care about the pain and struggles of others,” as well as a prominent imam, Omar Suleiman, asking, “What have we done for the marginalized in this country?”

In a promotional video released in 2016, the organization’s president, Azhar Azeez, boasts of “bringing a very positive impact to our communities across the nation.”

According to Muslim feminist bloggers, however, who write regularly for the site, MAS, ICNA, and ISNA are blatantly racist. One such observer, in a piece titled “Mainstream Islamic Conferences Have a Longstanding History of Normalizing Anti-Blackness,”…

  • Oracle9

    Whenever an Islamist, from Abbas and the Palis, Hamas, Iran’s theocrats, or Sarsour, talk about “peace” and “justice”, the West needs to stop falling into the trap of believing the terms are the same as understood in the West.

    To the Islamists, peace is the peace of Islamic domination and justice is the enforcement of Sharia law.

    It sucks us our lefties in every time!

  • Canadian Born

    And we can’t find a man in all of Canada like Churchill, to make Canada great again?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby


  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Enuff all of this “islamist” hogwash. A muzzie is a muzzie. They’re all trouble. Chuck them all out and ban any further muzzie immigration.

  • JoKeR

    It’s in the very words of their god in “the immutable Koran”. So as long as they recite and teach the Koran, Sira and Hadiths it is hate and racism as any honest analysis will easily show.

    Their “god” sure isn’t my God, but the antithesis of the God and teachers of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and all the other major religions and many philosophies just as Taoism.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Their “god” is the prince of Lies.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Their “god” is the prince of lies.

    • Will Quest

      “Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish City of Medina. Within 5-years, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every jew there.”
      & on his return to Mecca he transformed this once vibrant pluralist society at the crossroads of ancient trading routes thus teaming with a multitude of spirituality into a city that is 100% islamic and allows no other religion to darken it’s threshold …….