Myanmar’s killing fields: 45 Hindu bodies are found in mass graves as authorities accuse Rohingya Muslims of carrying out massacre

Murder and Islam. Why it almost seems there’s a link.

Myanmar troops have uncovered the bodies of 45 Hindu villagers as the army accused Rohingya Muslims of carrying out a massacre.

Soldiers say they are still searching for another 48 missing Hindus who are feared dead after the discovery of mass graves in Rakhine state containing skeletal remains, including of women and children.

Army chiefs say the villagers were killed by Rohingya militants who also attacked police outposts. They say this justifies a brutal crackdown which has seen 480,000 people from the minority sect flee across the border to Bangladesh in a month.

  • Not that this will change the Narrative or anything.

    • Bla Bla

      Excatly, liberal ideology always trumps common sense, the truth, and scientific facts.

      • If one doesn’t mention it at all, then there is nothing to challenge.

  • ismiselemeas

    The fundamental difference between the islamic narrative and everybody else’s narrative is that EBE’s photos clearly show real corpses who died violently. The islamic photos show old ladies being carried in baskets.

  • Bla Bla

    Seeing how the liberals love the rohingya’s so much, they should be labelled as an accessory to this tragedy for their implicit support of violent islamic jihad.

  • Nermal

    After all the fake news and photographs coming out of the MSM, is anyone surprised that the first verified atrocities were carried by, and not against, Muslims.