Morality, Anti-Morality, and the Left-Wing Great Hate-Hustle

The fashionable watchword this political season is morality. Left-wing voices, especially, are heard providing moral instruction. Here a moral, there a moral, everywhere the left is moral. In listening closely to the subject matter of left-wing moral discourse, one notices only political issues – not real problems of everyday life – and one mental sin: hate.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Wasn’t the Christian Right told to keep their morality to themselves these past 50-years?
    What changed?
    Oh that’s right, there are no rules, there never were any rules, really.
    The rules were a lie to constrain our side, but never meant to be followed by their side once they seized power.
    Maybe it’s time we rethought the rules that keep us from harming them?