Jackboots in Rainbow Hues

I fled communist tyranny to breathe and speak freely, to live without the fear and obligatory debasement of paying lip service to evil. Don’t think me dramatic when I say the the Left in general and same-sex marriage bullies in particular have inspired a deeply unsettling sense of deja vu

  • phnxgrl

    When one experiences Evil you will always recognize it in the future, It is ingrained in your Soul.

  • simus1

    The marxist controlled left had become impatient and recklessly over reached, thus revealing the red totalitarian fascists they really are. Good news but sleepless nights and hard days ahead for all those with functioning brains who love freedom.

  • k2

    The parallels between what’s occurring in Australia, and what’ happening in Canada, are striking – and disturbing.

  • shasta

    There is nowhere left to run to, you have to stand and fight; or submit.