IRONY: CNN Calls Trump Racist While They’re Getting Sued By 175 Black Employees For Discrimination

The lawsuit, filed in December 2016, has gone largely unreported by the media as left-leaning news organizations would rather focus on the recent struggles of Fox News instead.

  • simus1

    Firefox beta 57 is on offer since early this morning. It bears quite a resemblance to Edge and Chrome. It can be downloaded at present to replace your standard Firefox 55 and if you like it (which I don’t), no problem, you can uninstall it and then download 55 again from Mozilla (actually it just reactivates your sleeping 55) and your stuff like bookmarks will all be back intact. This will be very iffy if you wait, go automatically to 57 as scheduled later, and don’t like it.
    Just a word to the wise.

    • shasta

      What didn’t you like? My main objections to most new programs is dumbing down, and lack of control.

      • simus1

        The start page configuration and bookmarks system seem to have been made more complicated to discourage opting into setups that ignore their spoon fed “eat what we want you to eat” mentality.

  • simus1

    More amusement: “Trump supported” RINO Strange lost primary big time to Moore. So Trump must have got something from Senate RINOs for his efforts and their guy still lost. The best of both worlds.

  • CNN – cynical, nasty non-entities.