Iraqi PM urges Kurds to ‘cancel’ referendum result

Iraq’s prime minister has demanded the Kurdistan Regional Government “cancel” the outcome of the referendum on independence that it held on Monday.

Too late.

Haider al-Abadi said he would “never discuss” the result and called on the Kurds to initiate dialogue “in the framework of the constitution”.

He also vowed to “impose Iraq’s rule” in all parts of the Kurdistan Region.

The referendum’s result has yet to be announced, but people were expected to overwhelmingly back independence.

  • barryjr

    And where is Canada on this, from what I hear with Iraq. Oh right the same position when the region of Ukraine voted overwhelmingly to join Russia and Canada (amongst other countries) said the vote was invalid. mainly because it went against the globalist agenda and the EU backed coup. Everybody is opposed to this vote and siding with the Iraqi position, now where are all these great freedom loving “democracies” and their support for the will of the people? I can tell you their professed beliefs and policies are all bullshit and like good little sheep we believed them.

    • There is no love for the Kurds anywhere, only Israel has endorsed the referendum that I am aware of.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The aspirations of the Kurds have been known for years, yet all the State Department has offered during all that time are platitudes. Fifty years after Vietnam, these dolts continue to put our money and military lives on unworthy allies. Should Israel recognize Kurdish independence and start shipping them its top of the line military hardware, we will soon see a new balance of power in the Middle East.

      • Yet, I fear that, as Muslims, once they are established and no longer need Israel (in a decade or two), the Kurds will turn against Israel. Islam is anti-Jewish to its core.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I don’t really give a flying fart about what one bunch of muzzies and another bunch of muzzies get up to over in one of their shithole countries. As long as they don’t cause problems for the rest of us. I say we stay out of it.

    • The Kurds will catch it from all directions. Turkey, Iran Iraq etc.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        So it’s a great idea that Justin has Canadian troops running around in Iraq with Kurdish flags on their shoulder patches. Brutal.

  • One can just cancel democracy?

    • Separatism is always a problem for constitutional democracies. Think of Quebec or Catalunya. But as Iraq is not really a democracy, I think the Kurdish will to separate is wise on their part.

      • But what comes next?

        • Probably the Kurds will need to fight for their lives by militarily means.

          • Indeed.

            But even after that, where will their capital be? What will they trade?

          • Maybe with Israel for a start, then others. The point is, it is good to encourage and side with them, because in the long run a core Kurdish state in Iraq can produce Kurdish uprisings in Turkey, Iran and Syria. If the territory and power of these evil states are diminished, that can only be good for the world.

          • That part is true.

            I’d like to see the bigger picture resolved, however.

  • xavier

    Well I hope the Kurds will inflict serious hurt on the Iraqis.As for the Turks time to distractvthem with internal politics by finding Kemalusts and unleashing them

    • I wish only destruction on the Turks and the Iraqis and the Iranians and the Syrians. Kurds should be encouraged in all four countries to separate, if only so as to weaken these evil states, internally and internationally.

  • Iraq should have been split along ethnic/religious lines years ago, when the Americans under Bush destroyed Sadam’s regime. It would have made control of the conquered territory much easier. Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Shi’ites do not belong together. Iraq is an artificial post-colonial British fabrication.