Girls as young as four ordered to wear hijabs in schools in England

More than two in five Islamic schools in England that accept girls require them to wear a hijab as school uniform, according to new research.

Some 59 of 142 (42%) Islamic schools, including 27 primary schools, have a uniform policy which states a head-covering is compulsory, the National Secular Society (NSS) said.

  • tom_billesley

    I have an image of a few dozen black shrouds filing in to a class on evolution.
    It’s more likely to be one on breathing exercises to prepare them for clitorectomy.

  • Oracle9

    They are talking about the head scarf in the article, not the head bag. That however will probably be next.

    • tom_billesley

      Muslim oneupmanship will hasten the adoption of the full covering.

  • k2

    But of course – one wouldn’t want the little flirtatious, slutty 4 year olds inciting bad thoughts in muslim males.

  • shasta

    islamic school – oxymoron.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need to stand back and let these nations implode. I only hope the UK de-nuclear-izes first. Get rid of their Trident missiles and the subs that carry them. Send the US owned nukes under NATO control back to the US, and of course shut down every nuclear power plant in favor or windmills or raw human slave-power. If they do that, I don’t care what happens next for them. The Jewish cohort in the UK isn’t getting any younger and half of them would never emigrate no matter what. In a generation or two, there won’t be an organized Jewish existence in the UK. And then it can mimic all of the North African Muslim nations ‘that used to have Jews’. We don’t care about Algeria or Egypt and we won’t care about Britain. And THEY want it that way.

  • Editor

    Quick everybody, clutch your pearls and feign surprise until the “asian” community does some other stupid thing and the news cycle sweeps this one under the rug.

  • Just rip them off.