Coptic Christians Flee Police After Muslims Riot Over Their Social Media Post

Muslims are permanently set on Auto-Riot

Two Coptic Christians fled arrest in Egypt after the men allegedly blamed Islamic leaders for a jihadi bus attack.

Bassem Abdel-Malak Fahim, 25, and Mina Younan Samuel, also 25, remain on the run after Egyptian police charged them with inciting sectarian strife via Facebook comments. Muslims rioted over the social media post.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure little Justin and the CBC will be right on that story. Oh wait, its not about muslims being persecuted. Besides, feminist Trudeau is outraged about Christians right now. The National Post is reporting that Liberal and NDP members of parliament walked out of a parliamentary committee on the status of women. They walked out, because the Conservatives nominated someone as head of the committee who doesn’t believe in killing babies.

    • simus1

      Anyone those losers would walk out on deserves our support.
      No doubt Sheer will be taking these miscreants to the woodshed for disturbing his slumbers.

      • ontario john

        The Western Christian churches are more interested in preaching global warming scams, socialism, and perverted sex, than the Gospel message. That is why their churches are empty. In some churches, like the United Church of Canada, ministers don’t even believe in God. Other countries have had to pick up the Cross and carry on. Korea sends out more Christian missionaries, than North America.

    • Because the party of male chauvinist pigs doesn’t like self-made women who oppose sex-selection abortions.

  • shasta

    Constantly showing the world that they are not really human at all, muslims will wonder why no one cries for them when at some point some one decides they have had enough (China, India?) and obliterates them all, like the disease carrying parasites they are.

  • Dave

    Is it me, or is Al-sisi showing himself to being as effective a leader as trudope?

    • jayme

      I’ve read the claim that he is a “protector” of the Copts – but either he is unable to protect them due to the power of hateful islam (likely) or just doesn’t choose to do so. Either way – Copts are still being discriminated against, or even killed, female Copts raped and/or forced converted (“love” jihad). I guess just staying in power and not getting assassinated is challenge enough for him in that islamic hellhole nation.

  • Barrington Minge

    Bearded Rioter: I can’t read this f*ucking book! I keel you!!!!