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‘If in Doubt, Treat Them as a Minor’: European Body Orders End of Migrant Age Tests

The Council of Europe has spoken out against performing medical tests on migrants to determine their age, claiming youths could be “frightened and unsettled” by the process.

In a report published Wednesday on age tests, the children’s rights committee of the council said unless there is evidence that the person is an adult, asylum seekers claiming to be under 18 should “be given the benefit of the doubt and presumed to be a child”.

Stop normalizing Sharia law in Canada

Leftist elites in Canada have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia law – the illiberal and often barbaric set of laws enforced in Islamic dictatorships.

In Ottawa, the Trudeau government is in the middle of what feels like a show-trial designed to make “Islamophobia” illegal – a term the government itself has failed to define.

After the controversial M-103 was passed in Parliament, leftist media and the Trudeau government insisted that the critics were wrong, that it’s just a motion – symbolic! – and that M-103 will have no legislative impact.

Shall We Have a Conversation About Arrest Statistics for Those Privileged NFL Players?

An NFL player is arrested, on average, every seven days.

Did you know, that as of this writing, it’s been 24 days since an NFL player was arrested? The odds that we would go that long in between player arrests are 25 to 1! In case you were wondering, there’s an entire website dedicated to tracking all the NFL players who have been arrested.

Oops. I just checked again. It’s now been zero days since an NFL player was arrested. Thanks, Los Angeles Ram Ethan Westbrooks! Westbrooks was arrested this weekend for speeding and being in possession of an unlicensed firearm. This is the second time in bracelets this year for Westbrooks, who was arrested in March on suspicion of domestic violence (the charges were later dropped).

LIARS: Trudeau Government Breaks Promise To Apply Access To Info Act To Prime Minister’s Office

Where did all that openness and transparency go?

The opposition parties are ripping the Trudeau government for breaking a big campaign promise.

During the 2015 campaign, the Trudeau Liberals said they would cover the Prime Minister’s Office and every Cabinet Minister’s office under a new Access to Information Act.

However, the Bill C-58 (An Act to amend the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act) being pushed by the Trudeau government, doesn’t open up the PMO or Minister’s offices to the act, and it even gives the government more power to refuse access to information requests from the public.

Liberals’ racism consultation is “partisan” exercise for electoral gain, PQ says

The Couillard government’s planned consultation on discrimination and systemic racism is a “partisan” exercise that is divisive and will be used by the Liberals during next year’s general election, two Parti Québécois MNAs charged on Tuesday.

Carole Poirier and Agnès Maltais repeated their party’s complaint that the consultation, overseen by the Quebec immigration department and the province’s human rights commission, is an empty exercise. The PQ has long sought to have the consultation scrapped.

Next: NFL Queerleaders

  • ontario john

    I hope everyone watched the CBC’s daily muslims and migrants are wonderful, last night on the National. If you didn’t your a Nazi. Last night’s episode focused on all the migrants walking across the border. A U.S. border guard supervisor, explained that they are flocking here because of Trudeau’s speech stating that everyone is welcome to come here.

    • marty_p

      The CBC and the Toronto Star and Crescent are throwing everything they have at the “Rohingya’s are suffering it’s a genocide” & are priming us for their next argument that Canada had better admit them all as refugees.
      Evidently Israel sells some arms to Burma and I am waiting for the CBC or Toronto Star & Crescent expose of “Israeli arms are being used to kill Rohingya just like they are being used against the Palestinians”.

    • Old Guy

      Update: Did the Liberals just blink?

      Canada Says It’s No Safe Haven for Immigrants Losing U.S. Protection

      • Watchman

        Don’t worry, it’s just PR to allow them to claim they are not allowing unlimited immigration into Canada. Only if they start enforcing their existing immigration and refugee laws will I start believing they are serious about ‘refugees’: talk is cheap.

      • Reader

        What Liberals publicly say their policy is and what they practice are two totally different things.

        Their public statements are only meant to mislead the public as to their plans.

  • ontario john

    With the slapping of a 220 per cent duty on Bombardier’s jets, we can expect feminist Trudeau to ramp up the outrage. There goes any chance of the air force getting any new jets this century. Pilots will start dying as the present planes start wearing out. We have seen it happen before. And of course he has recently put back announcement of new frigates.

    • Watchman

      Expect Justin to vehemently deny that his government is providing subsidies to Bombardier. I expect that his solution to a 220% duty on Bombardier’s jets sold in the US would be an additional Canadian government subsidy of 220% on the value of jets sold by Bombardier sold in the US, to ensure that the Bombardier’s sales are not unduly affected, and Canadian jobs preserved.

  • tom_billesley

    “Unaccompanied child migrant” ..youths could be “frightened and unsettled” by the process.
    But children in school classes where a hulking bearded man is introduced wouldn’t be “frightened and unsettled” by the process.

    • Watchman

      Refugee advocates will teach ‘refugees’ how to be “frightened and unsettled” by the prospects of having their claims to be younger than 18. It won’t be very difficult once the ‘refugees’ who are actually 18 or older are told they might be deported, housed in adult facilities, or be tried as adults in any criminal matter, or disallowed from bringing in family members to take care of minor refugees. ‘Refugees’ actually younger than 18 will be taught to be “frightened and unsettled” by the prospects of such age testing by claiming that they might be deported if they allow testing and the testing is wrong.

      • marty_p

        First we had the liberal left supporting “I can identify as what ever gender I want”… then we got “Rachel Dolezal’s I can identify as any race I want”…. next step… “I can identify as any age group I want”….there problem solved.

  • Refugee Child

    I have been traumatized far too much by the government asking me questions!

    • Watchman

      “I’m afraid that if I allow myself be tested, islamophobes will fake the results and claim the tests show me to be older than 18, instead of my actual age of 11.”

      • Observer

        Plus being transgendered she wants to be put into a girls-only primary/middle school!

  • jayme

    “If in doubt, treat them as a minor.” That’s right – bring in the whole f’ing muslim world. Why not? After all, they’re all children of ah-lah, aren’t they?

  • Nick Fisher

    I really like that Muslim/AfD poster idea.

    Someone should send it over to the AfD – they ran a cracking ad campaign in the recent German elections.

    My rough translation:

    Selbsthilfe-Grafik für Linke

    Gesamtzahl Flüchtlinge:

    Linke ! Euch seid dran !