Audit of B.C. mosque charity alleges personal spending, ‘relationship’ with Qatar group accused of supporting terror

A charity that runs a Vancouver-area mosque has been penalized by federal regulators after an audit found its former president and imam spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal purchases including a spa, jewelry, video games and hair dye.

The Canada Revenue Agency audit of the Islamic Society of British Columbia also alleged the charity was “controlled or influenced” by a Qatar organization accused of supporting terrorism, although that did not result in a penalty.

No penalty for links to a terror supporting entity. How 2017!

  • Barrington Minge

    I have never quite gone for ” islamic” and “culture” being a meaningful constuct!!!

    • But think of the beheadings!

    • John Boy

      Isn’t it something along the lines of a culture of typhoid bacilli?

  • Editor

    In other news, water is wet.

    • Virtually every mosque operates as a charity, the CRA cannot monitor them all, not even close.

  • Everything is a con with these guys.

  • Lightstream

    Any other charity (not muslim) would have it’s charity status removed. Not this one of course. The regular course of action would have been to fine them over 100,000.00.
    Not this one. They were given a break and fined 9,000.00, I believe.

    What a joke this government is. All political parties can’t be trusted to do the right thing any more. Makes me sick.