YouTube Set To Delete Israellycool Account

YouTube sucks shit.

  • Brett McS

    “Israellycool, one of the world’s most popular pro-Israel blogs …”. There’s your problem, right there. Google no likey.

    • Bla Bla

      Can’t wait – one day those google execs are going to be in the paddock on trial for crimes against humanity – after we kick all of their islamist-marxist loving asses that is. One day.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    This is a deliberate tactic to discourage and permanently shutdown video podcasters by destroying the content directly.
    They seem to be torching long standing conservative YouTube channels with lots of video and little or no notice to backup or save anything.
    Keep backups of all your videos on your PC and always run a parallel account with someplace like BitChute.
    Don’t make it easy for them to take you “off the air”.

    • Brett McS

      I know of a number of video bloggers who are doing that now. I don’t see this as a long term win for Google. They seem to be driving normal people away in favour of the activists – the same thing the Democratic party is doing.

    • Bla Bla

      Indeed, use the net in the way it was originally constructed – a distributed network that can afford multiple points of failure without going down. The bloggers will just have to exercise multiple video platforms, torrents, etc in order to keep on trucking. Shit, even the chinese cannot stop their people from subverting their firewalll – what makes google think it can do better – especially since they now consider virtue signalling more important than pursuing technology.

  • Alain

    These monopolies fulfil the same role as utilities and need to be classified and regulated as such.

  • WalterBannon

    Google is run by Nazis.

    Hey, aren’t we supposed to be punching Nazis?

  • vwVwwVwv

    DeGoogle Now!

  • tom_billesley