Trump Should Reject Fatally Flawed International Institutions

Donald Trump campaigned and was elected as an agent of radical change. He promised to roll back the policies on big government at home and transnational cooperation abroad that both parties have endorsed for years. His campaign rhetoric about the “useless UN” and the “unfair” Paris Climate Accords suggested he understood that such organizations and treaties fleece Americans while handing over national sovereignty to other countries eager to gain leverage over us.

But Trump’s recent comments about renegotiating the Paris agreement and reforming the UN imply an acceptance of the assumptions on which both are built: that multilateral cooperation is better able to serve the interests and security of the United States. If this is so, then Trump is buying into the flaws of those assumptions that need to be utterly discredited in order to enact meaningful change.

  • simus1

    Trump pretending the UN is a serious institution is ok. As a quid pro quo, they should leave the US. Great diplomacy at work.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There is nothing wrong with Trump using our financial clout to reform the UN as long as these reforms are to our benefit.