Three killed in terror attack northwest of Jerusalem

At least three Israelis were killed and a fourth wounded in a terror attack in the town of Har Adar northwest of Jerusalem Tuesday morning.

According to initial reports, at 7:14 a.m. a terrorist opened fire on a group of Border Police officers and guards near the back gate of Har Adar, used by Palestinian Arabs who work in the town.

Police say the terrorist aroused the suspicions of security forces stationed at the gate. When he was ordered to halt, the terrorist drew a pistol concealed under his shirt and opened fire on security forces stationed at the entrance.

Emergency medical teams from MDA have been dispatched to the scene and are currently treating the wounded. MDA officials reported that three of the injured were in critical condition and the fourth in serious condition.

  • Brett McS

    Draw your gun, aim it … then shout the order to halt. It’s more convincing that way.

    • vwVwwVwv

      Talk is cheap as lots of Arabs cross in to Israel, the guards know many of which, you can’t aim in a crowd of 50 on 1 or two people as this is
      Border police, they are even not allowed to aim at
      persons. The suspicion can be because
      he was inside of a crowd he never was in before, or because he was alone.
      Go point your loaded gun on each and every person you check,
      this is not what police does, if you ever have been
      ever checked by police.

      Imagine the press and international community if instead of low level check,
      They would have shooting the terrorist and 11 from the Arabs waiting,
      Woman and children waiting to go to hospital, man on the way to work…..

      The 1. identified victim was a 20 year old, Israelis are not Rambos all of them and they try to avoid innocent victims, what I wouldn’t, but they do.

      • Brett McS

        I know they aren’t allowed to do it. That’s the problem.

        • vwVwwVwv

          Small check posts have no 4 man on the same spot and some more to take out the terrorist. They are not alowed to draw with no clear danger and they
          are treated harshly if they do. Israel is no Wild West
          and it’s a shame this is forbidden.

  • vwVwwVwv

    MSM besides Fox News, refuses to call it a Terror atack.
    Israel should take the accreditation of them reporters and send them home.

  • Arabs/Muslims are murderers at heart. Occasionally, one or the other of them decides to actualize his or her potential, and do what they all yearn to do, which is murder.

  • Frances

    Every time I read of these attacks, I think of our offspring’s Israeli friends, some of whom I have met recently. Sadly, always relieved that it’s not someone we know.