Returning ISIS fighters should be charged with genocide, demands Birmingham MP

As Islam teaches Muslims do.

A Birmingham MP has called for returning British ISIS fighters to be charged with genocide after revealing not one has been prosecuted as a war criminal.

Liam Byrne represents the Hodge Hill constituency, an area identified earlier this year as an “extremist hotspot”.

The MP told the Birmingham Mail that Britain needed to send out a clear message to fighters returning to the country from Iraq and Syria.

That’s a great idea, no one who joined ISIS can claim ignorance of genocide. It was a feature not a bug.

  • Ed

    What kind of fucking idiot country lets them back in??????????

    • Revoke their passports.

    • Alain

      Well Canada certainly would and would even provide them with a huge cash prize.

    • newz

      A country run by liberal fruitcakes. One more Harper term and there’d be no
      ISIS dickwads setting foot here again. Alas the sheep made their choice for looks above substance.

  • From the article:

    “He said: “We’re in a generational fight against Daesh and Al Qaeda. As they are beaten in Syria they will lash out abroad.

    “But if we’re to win the battle of ideas with their army of evil, we have to send the clearest possible message about their true character: they are genocidal war-criminals.

    “That’s the charge we need to lay wherever possible at the door of those British foreign fighters who fled home. They should be shipped off forthwith to the International Criminal Court.”


    Though it would help not to let them in the first place.

  • SDMatt

    Better to perpetrate a genocide against returning “British” ISIS fighters, but that would take balls.

  • Gary

    Justin will embrace them and give them $10.5 million each .

    Liberals love the jew-hating pedophiles.

  • Bless his heart

    They are Enemies of Humanity.

    • Clausewitz

      Short and too the point. Well done.