‘North African Background’ Belgian Police Officer Caught Leaking Info To Jihadists

A Brussels police officer has been arrested after authorities caught him handing over information to a terror cell who were under criminal investigation.

Officer Momo E.S., who comes from a North African background, had been under investigation by authorities for weeks before his arrest.

Viva Diversity!

  • Editor

    I suggest he be reassigned to provide security to the European parliament. Jean-Claude Junkers personal security detail perhaps.

    • Starlord

      I’ll second that.

      • Mark Matis

        Can we get him to provide security to May and Merkel and Macron as well? Nothing quite like “Win, Win, Win, Win!!!” to brighten one’s day…

        • Watchman

          While Macron and Merkel continue to act as if they were members of the Muslim Brotherhood (even without actual membership) they are likely quite personally safe from jihadists.

  • favill

    Interesting. There was a high-ranking, high-profile, Muslim police officer in Ottawa who committed suicide a month or two before the attacks in St-Jean sur Richelieu and Ottawa occurred. Everybody in the media at the time decried that the stress of the job killed him…I posited that he knew bad shit was about to happen and didn’t want to be asked. (He was the high-profile Ottawa Police liaison with the Muslim community and mosques). Then the killings began.