In a just world ISIS members would be shot dead immediately on their return to Canada

How ISIS Wives Helped Their Husbands Rape Yazidi Sex Slaves

DOHUK, IRAQI KURDISTAN – Seeham Haji Khudayda, a 22-year-old Yazidi woman from northern Sinjar, was sold seven times during her ISIS captivity. Like chattel, she was passed from one ISIS fighter to the next. She was raped almost daily. Sometimes she was gang raped by her owner’s guards. But of all the abuses she endured, what outraged her the most was the women who were complicit in it — and who participated directly in her rape.

If you really want we can give them a trial and then shoot them but no one who joined should be allowed to claim ignorance of the atrocities committed by ISIS. Yet in Canada, all they have to do is say sorry to the RCMP and they’re set free to walk among us.

Remember. Muslims did this and their death cult Islam sanctions it.