Female US Marine becomes first woman to make it through infantry officer training course

A female US Marine on Monday became the first woman to complete the Corps’ notoriously rigorous training course for infantry officers.

Many women serve in the Marines and other branches of America’s armed forces but the woman, who has requested that her name not be released, is the first to make it through the Marine Corps’ 13-week infantry officer training course.

  • simus1

    The leader courses and promotions will come so fast now she will be “really busy” for years. Her exceptional physical fitness? Probably an early casualty.

    • The Butterfly

      At least all the wars will have to come to a halt when she goes on mat leave.

      • Watchman

        Hell, no. It will be a, “Sergeant, take four men and flank that machine gun. I’m crowning right now, so give me a few minutes to deliver this baby and then I’ll be on the move again. I’ll give you covering fire from this position until then.”

        Or not.

        • bob e

          ha ha .. probably or not ..

          • Frances

            Actually, the Bushmen of Africa, the women could give birth and be up and running within an hour. Give her a target to match.

          • bob e

            she may have to change her utilities before she begins the attack .. HUH ??

      • Gary

        The media refuses to report that the Stats show how females in the Military have a 20% absent record as the norm at any sliver of time they use.
        I bet that its men filling in for the women on leave.

    • Watchman

      Like affirmative action, will anyone really believe that no concessions were made to get her to pass the physical part of the training? Total props if none were made. The problem is that in the past standards were lowered and females could still not meet the lowered standards.

      I don’t believe that even the Israelis still run with women as first line combatants due to their effect on men in battle: men are genetically programmed to want to protect women regardless of circumstances.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Israeli women serve on border patrol units, which tend to be mechanized, but not as foot soldiers. On the other hand, Kurdish women have compiled a sterling record as grunts.

        • Watchman

          Kurdish women have less of a choice. They know the consequences of failing to defend their homeland by remaining non-combatants, just like Israeli women know what would happen if Israel was overrun. As long as the Kurdish women are under imminent threat they will continue to serve in the military, but when that pressure eases they will go back to waging the war by other means: demographically.

    • Gary

      She’s be on a Stamp next to Rosa Parks .

  • Mark Matis

    So just how much did they drop the physical and mental requirements to enable her to “complete” the training?

  • bob e

    good for her. i would not put her on the front lines against the muzzies.
    they would go nuts ..

    • Norman_In_New_York

      All the better. If she kills them, they forfeit their 72 virgins. That was a big reason why Kurdish female fighters were so effective against ISIS. Their sharpshooting tended to fuck up the ISIS afterlives.

      • bob e

        good point ..

      • Frances

        I agree: she has to be one tough babe to get this far – send her out to terrorize the muzzies.

    • Gary

      Too bad she’s not a Black jewish lesbian because the muzzies would shoot them self rather than the shame to meet allah knowing they were killed in battle by them when the Quran tells them they are the Master-Race destine to rule the Earth.

  • sk6actual



    any R Lee Ermey character.

  • WalterBannon

    Did she make it through on the basis of the lower female fitness standards that the corp uses?

    Of coarse. So this is all bullshit. Would not want to follow her in combat any more than some fat out of shape male officer candidate who would have been washed out for fitness…

    Speaking here as a former infantry officer.