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‘Transparent’ Shows TV’s First Transgender Full-Frontal Nude Scene

Before Season 4 of Transparent started production, transgender actress Alexandra Billings, who plays Maura’s friend and mentor Davina on the series, walked into the writer’s room to pitch. She said she wanted to be naked.

That, of course, is a crude simplification* of the process. Billings’ friend and Transparent co-star Trace Lysette suggested that the two of them talk to the show’s writers about their lives and experiences as transgender women, with the hope that they might incorporate them, and therefore a broader reflection of the varied transgender experience, into the show’s storylines.

*Freudian Slip

People are racist against black quarterbacks, professors claim

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch watching an NFL game with your buddies. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton rolls back and throws a perfect spiral for a touchdown. You turn to your friends and say, “Wow, he’s naturally gifted.”

It’s meant to be a compliment, but could it also be perpetuating racism? The answer is yes, according to two professors who’ve recently published studies on alleged stereotypes used to describe black and white quarterbacks.

Black is the new Global Warming – there’s money to be made.

Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Pharrell Take Knee Onstage in Protest

Following Donald Trump’s comments Friday night condemning athletes who stage protests during “The Star Spangled Banner” – as well as Trump’s rescinded White House invitation to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors – NFL players across the league locked arms, took a knee or – in the case of the Seattle Seahawks – didn’t leave the locker room while the National Anthem was performed.

Texas: First Muslim (only) sorority opens at UT-Austin

The University of Texas at Austin chapter had its first information session on Monday, during which members presented the goals for the sorority and the activities they plan to have, such as career workshops, Quran study and socials. Mu Delta Alpha founder Samira Maddox said the sorority’s goal is to help Muslim women become leaders and professionals while sticking to their Islamic values.

“We have some aspects of a traditional Greek life such as sisterhood and friendship,” Maddox said. “But our main goal is creating leaders and empowering our sisters without jeopardizing our Islamic ethics, because everything we do is reflective of Islam.”

Wynne needs to start listening to businesses

Premier Kathleen Wynne is undercutting Ontario manufacturers while attempting to promote free trade, and it couldn’t happen at a worse time.

While in Washington, D.C., to promote free trade on Sept. 14, the premier spoke about Ontario companies that do businesses in the United States, and the benefits these businesses provide to the American and state economies.

Wynne cited Leland Industries as an example of the success of NAFTA, noting the company is investing $46 million in Illinois.

The problem is … it isn’t true.

  • Watchman

    “We have some aspects of a traditional Greek life…” Would that be the Greek life under the Ottomans where the Christians were oppressed, highly taxed, and the boys from Greek families were taken, converted and used as troops in spreading and defending islam?

    • LauraS

      I would love to see alumni donations plummet in the face of this announcement.

      And why provide an exclusive education for women who will never be permitted to work or be seen outside the home once Islamists are running the show? #WasteOfTimeAndMoney

  • ontario john

    The vote whores in the parliament of Canada, are holding an emergency session tonight, to discuss the situation in Burma. Yes Canada’s parliament will always be there to protect the world’s muslims. Forget about those disgusting Christians being persecuted and murdered in islamic countries and China.

    • simus1

      To vote whores, vote whoring is job #1. They like doing that, compared to doing the heavy lifting that would benefit the country.

      • Watchman

        “Pay no attention to our looming debt and massive budget deficit. It is nothing compared to the importance of a sympathetic speech about the oppressed Rohingyas in the UN and in the Parliament.”

  • simus1

    What about all the surplus useless expensive “renewable clean energy” overflow GLLKDW has to dump into the US grid at fire sale prices on occasion? That’s real free trade of great benefit to the US!

    • Watchman

      Once you have enough fickle renewable energy, you stop having the luxury of even selling off electricity to someone else at fire sale prices. At times you will receive a negative price for your energy i.e. you have to pay people to take your energy while paying subsidies to your customers who are still being paid to pump energy into your network and creating that excess energy.

  • tom_billesley

    First Muslim (only) sorority Racists! /sarc
    I thought they already had sororities in islam, “sister wives” in a harem.

    • k2

      Good grief. No, Tomlin made himself look bad by taking the ridiculous action that he did. And you simply looked like a man who had some integrity and principles – now you’ve gone and made yourself look just as ridiculous and unprincipled as Tomlin.

      • Watchman

        Whoever pays the piper gets to choose the tune. Makes me wonder what threats were made or implied to get this ‘apology’, and he is not apologising for standing but only for standing in a way that embarrassed his coach and teammates.

  • Cat-astrophe

    It’s a giant Social Engineering paint brush:
    “People are racist against black quarterbacks, professors claim”

    That garbage gets people looking at each other and wondering; Can I trust them? What do they think of me? What do I think of Me?

    My favorite all time Quaterback is Henry Burris.
    That guy OWNED the field, has a real presence. He even retired at the perfect moment in his carreer.

  • Exile1981

    So the sorrority is having vest making nights,

  • Hard Little Machine

    Greek letters for a Muslim sorority is a mismatch. There must be two or three letters in Arabic that would serve the purpose better. Stop the cultural appropriation.

    • Watchman

      S-L-M, the consonants of the arabic word: إسلام (‘islam’), as the perfect three letter ‘Greek’ letters for a muslim sorority.Š-L-M

  • Frances

    Methinks it’s the professors who are racist against black quarterbacks. Don’t follow the CFL that well, but know there have been quite a few over the years; was surprised when one quarterback was “outed” as black; had heard about him for several years, and race was never mentioned.