Canada: Muslim cleared of terrorism charges related to Facebook posts supporting terror attacks

A B.C. man accused of using his Facebook account to express support of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks has been acquitted of all charges.

Othman Hamdan’s judge-alone trial began in June, when he pleaded not guilty to encouraging the commission of murder, assault and mischief as well as inducing and instructing someone to carry out a terrorist act.

Bet he’s a friend of Justin.

  • Surele Surele

    Yep, meanwhile a poor schmuck in Ontario gets 5 months for graffiti: no more muslims. would that the judge is a Muslim be a coincidence?

    • Why there almost appears to be a double standard at work!

      • Watchman

        As the saying goes, if it wasn’t for double standards some people would have no standards at all.

        • newz

          hahaha well said!

  • tom_billesley

    A Jordanian who crossed into Canada from USA and claimed asylum.
    You could welcome more like him ……Oh, you already are.

  • ontario john

    Oh Nooooooo!! Another apology and ten million dollars!

  • Alain

    His comments were likely mild compared to what is preached in the mosques throughout the country, but of course that gets a green light. Canada pre importation of Muslims was a peaceful place.

  • Of course he has been.

  • Watchman

    So when does Justin cut him a compensation check for the Canada’s treatment of him? Is this going to be a $10.5 million check as a standard, or some lower amount?

  • WalterBannon

    of course

    douche bag liberal govt and the fake justice system

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Who paid off the judge?

  • newz

    The “judge” needs to spend some time in a gibet.