Are Canadian MPs getting conned by Islamists?

Iqra Khalid Muslim 5th columnist

Iqra Khalid, the Pakistan-born Liberal MP from Mississauga, was no longer playing the victim card Monday when she helped launch the House of Commons heritage committee hearings resulting from her anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103.

Despite being unpopular and divisive to many Canadians, Parliament passed it 201–91 on March 23.

It denounced “Islamophobia” and called on the heritage committee to study how racism and religious discrimination can be reduced, and to collect data on hate crimes.

  • Ken

    Link needs fixing.

  • Sharkibark

    To answer your question though, Yes.

  • bargogx1

    Please fix link, this sounds like a must-read.

  • ntt1

    yes the sharmutta and her bill m108 are just the thin edge of the wedge.she acts in muslim interests not Canadians

  • canminuteman

    Are Canadian MPs Getting Conned By Islamists?

    Two possible answers. Yes they are., they are that stupid. No they aren’t., they are that evil.

    • barryjr

      Can we combine the two to give us a third choice?

      • terrence22

        yes, they are BOTH

    • Sunshine

      We have every reason to fear someone who idolizes an individual that ordered and took part in the beheading of over 600 males, and then enslaved the women and children.

      Yes, they are that stupid for not researching the subject matter. And if they are aware of it, they are evil.

  • Gary

    Iqra misses the $hit-hole she crawled out from . Her MP seat is in the riding where the Toronto-18 pakistani muslim terrorist were from and were groomed in a mosque there.

    In her heart she wants us DEAD or converted to islam , it’s in her Quran and if she rejects it she an apostate to be killed…..if she agrees it’s us she wants KILLED.

    How many more crap-holes are going to ship that excrement to canada and get into Politics and make Canada a crap-hole too.
    Nobody is stopping the traitor from going back to the swamp she misses where killing gays is sanction as well as child-bride PEDOPHILIA and wife-beating.

    At least Svend Robinson, Libby Davies, David Miller and Lizzy May came from developed nations and were ECO-Fascists where 3 of them supported hamas.
    They didn’t want to turn Canada into Gaza or any other of the 56 OIC $hit-holes. .

  • Starlord

    Horse left the stall but the rule should be you can’t hold a seat in parliament unless you were born here.

    And if you call yourself somali Canadian or Pakistani Canadian or Muslim Canadian your disqualified. Why… look what is in front of Canadian and that is where your loyalty lies.

  • Starlord

    Wish someone could catch some audio on her having a candid convo…

  • Achmed

    There will be peace throughout the world when all follow Allah’s law the Shari’a.

  • Jay Currie

    Shouldn’t the dear lady be in one of those bags or at least have the decency to avoid enticing we men with that wavy hair?

    Well, for the moment it’s her choice; but, should she get her way we can look forward to her being bagged and, of course, resigning from Parliament as it would require her to be outdoors without a male relative. Speed the day.