After fifty years of NFL, it’s over for me

My whole life since I was six years old I watched the Cowboys every Sunday. Never again. Our country is besieged by communists agitators and the useful idiots’ entertainment industry has been following suit for years. Now football, baseball and basketball have fallen as stupid victims, too.

If there were anything worth protesting over I’d stop and listen. There is nothing. This is the greatest country the world has ever known. More freedom here, more opportunity here than anywhere else in the world. What exactly are these spoiled brats protesting?

  • ntt1

    I wish I had followed any of those grossly overpaid egos on cleats but I never “got” professional football, so a boycott while earned, is pointless for me.

  • Oracle9

    There is little over which these pampered children have to protest.

    • Bla Bla

      But soon on the unemployment line, they’ll have much to gripe about. Hopefully sooner than later .

  • disqusW6sf

    Speaking out is essential. Difficult to do when employed.

  • SDMatt

    I fully support their right to take a knee in protest of the hundreds of black-on-black murders that occur ever year in Chicago.

    Someone let me know when that happens.

  • mauser 98
    • Gary

      He stuck to Football until he got a pro-hamas girlfriend that supports sharia and hates the USA.
      It’s the Stockholm Syndrome where Kaeperneck is now among the enemy for just enough time to side with the islamist relatives which i bet bash the USA behind closed door.

      • mauser 98

        …………the Kaepernick family
        a life of brutal oppression , bigotry ,racism , slavery

        • Bla Bla

          WTH – so is he just tanned? lol

          Another trans-racial whatever?

          • Clausewitz

            Adopted I believe. However I’m sure he’s thinking what a bunch of typical white people much the same way Obama thought about the Grandmother who raised him

        • Gary

          muhammad was raised by step-parents and he was just as ungrateful and hated whites.
          Look how things turned out with 1400 years of wars and over 300,000,000 killed by his followers.

          • mauser 98
          • Gary

            I just look for the errors by shadows when the sun is at a certain angle.
            Note the sunglasses and shadows while the puckers in the jacket and his left knee show exactly how the Sunlight is over head and to the left .
            But Obama and the women are void of matching shadows as well as that left hand being in Sunlight with NO shadow under it or in any of Obama’s creases in his jacket .
            If those two were shaded by a tree , there would be an overall darkness with overt signs under the chin and the skin reflection . Note also the edge of the bench for the man is shadowed but Obama’s section is well lit with a refection on the surface.

            I took Type-setting in the 1970’s and when I saw Obama’s version of his Birth record in Hawaii it had 4 major errors on it
            unless that Little Hospital , just 3 year after Hawaii becoming a State , used 2 typewriters and 3 typists to fill in a simple form. The characters and typing Baseline exposes how it must have been Composed by jpegs being inserted to a few Fields.
            It makes no sense that someone would start to fill in part of a line and then stop to pull the card out and finish later on a different Typewriter by a different typists.
            Mechanical units in 1961 needed to have a Ink Ribbons checks and the Characters cleaned with a small brush to remove dried ink and the ribbon fiber from closed parts like we see for the A,B,D,O,P,Q,R , a,b,d,e,g,o,p,q .
            Typists had a style and speed where an Upper-case letter can be out of place since the carriage moved up and down by the SHIFT Key and could have been hit as it was moving . It’s like playing the Piano where your left hand must hit a note in the lower range that matches the upper range for the Right hand according to the sheet music .

            The whole birther issue by Hillary could have been solved
            if the Clerk at the Records Office just used a Video device to record them pulling the Card from the file and walking over to the scanner to Send it the the DC White House email account while there was also a clock in view to match the time it came out in DC.
            Tada , that’s it and the issue is over.

          • mauser 98

            Barry’s step dad …CIA connections re Suharto Indonesia civil war, death squads

  • mauser 98

    ‘On average, African American twelfth-grade students read at the same level as white
    eighth-grade students.’

    • Bla Bla

      Shhhh! You are going to hurt their feeeeeeelings

  • DMB

    The NHL may receive a small bump in popularity in the U.S. since this nonsense (at least not yet) hasn’t spread to that league. As for MLB after white players the second largest demographic is Hispanic largely from the Caribbean such as the Dominican Republic & Cuba. I highly doubt any of the foreign born Hispanics would protest the American National Anthem both black and non black players since they would essentially be far more likely to be grateful to America for the opportunity they have been given to. The problem is deeply routed in Black America and to a lesser degree with Liberal white’s who want to virtual signal how tolerant they are which you will largely find in the NBA and NFL.

    • mauser 98

      blacks , Hispanics dont really like each other

      • BillyHW

        What’s not to like?

        • mauser 98

          well..ya know..just sayin…others said so

  • Gary

    I just heard on the radio where Trudeau was asked about the Americans in the CFL taking a Knee to protest the US Flag.
    Justin did his usualy on the fly response that ” We (Liberals) will always support the right to free expression ” .

    BULL S*it …………M-103 is to jail people that express a valid fear that the barbaric aspects of islam will be practiced in canada while Muslims get a special status equal to a Race of people.

    I hope someone records his comment to the media and plays it to a Judge
    when a person is arrested for islamophobia.
    The Prime Minister just said that anyone can condemn islam in public and even express their lack of trust in any of islams followers .

    • BillyHW

      Do you let your wife vote?

      • Alain

        Mine voted and voted Conservative like I did and without being forced.

  • BillyHW
  • Cat-astrophe

    I intend to buy a couple of pieces of Sask Rough rider graph and send it to them along with a too bad you guys hate the majority of your fans, note ….

  • truepeers

    What exactly are these spoiled brats protesting?

    It’s amazing how the media dissimulate what BLM is about that even this guy doesn’t get it. They are protesting the myth that cops like to kill unarmed black guys, which justifies cop killing in turn.

  • terrence22