Richard Littlejohn: So Who Did Plant The London Tube Bomb?

As the investigation into the Parsons Green Tube bombing enters its second week, police are still trying to establish who was behind this latest terror attack.

No, it wasn’t those pesky Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists again, or Far Right extremists, or the provisional wing of Ukip, trying to stir up hatred against immigrants after the Brexit vote.

So who was it? Go on, have a guess.

  • BillyHW

    My money is on those Daoists..

  • Gary

    According the the CBC it was the bomb’s fault. Just like the VAN and Truck ran over people and we still don’t have a motive .
    Maybe once the truck is in Court it will be grilled and crack to finally explain why it did it.

    The CBC awaits as do the Imams .

  • Reader
  • Hard Little Machine

    In London if you can’t blame the Jews, it didn’t happen.