Passengers ‘lucky’ to escape injury after bus is shot at in Malmö

The back window of the bus was broken while driving through the Arlöv area on Thursday evening, and police are working on the theory that the shots were fired by a real weapon, not an airgun. Police are looking for one or several culprits.

  • Maurice Miner

    I’d be looking for a “real” weapon. I’d also be looking for Mohammedan culprits, but maybe that’s just my Islamophobia coming out…

  • BillyHW

    Those aren’t bullets, they’re diversity projectiles.

    • Watchman

      Mine money is on the Amish, fighting against the satanic internal-combustion driven horseless carriage mass transportation vehicles. After all, you don’t see the devout Amish using these devilish devices. You could probably find witnesses who could attest to seeing men with beards but without moustaches in high numbers in the area that the attack occurred. Who else but the Amish men would fit such a description?

      • BillyHW

        When he heard about self-driving vehicles, Jebediah just lost it and turned his rage toward those devilish English devices.

    • Bla Bla


      Just tell that to the liberals – they’ll run into them willingly.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Clearly Sweden needs more diversity to improve its culture!

  • Editor

    There is no description of the “one or several culprits” in the article. Wonder why that is. I figure either no surveillance video available or PC pigheaded denial.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just part of living in a vibrant and diverse city. Nothing to fret about.

    • PaulW

      But imagine being part of that (no doubt) small group of non-muslims stuck there because they more or less can’t afford to move elsewhere. In fact, where in Sweden could they go to escape islam and its violence? Pretty well nowhere. It would be an awful situation to be in.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Malmo pogromed almost all its Jews out years ago. The government and the mayor of Malmo openly helped that happen. If they want to burn down the whole city and kill thousands, I’m ok with it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    With respect to Sweden’s self-inflicted problems, …

    • Bla Bla

      Damn right!

  • Bla Bla

    Geez, didn’t take long for swedistan to descend into the start of a Lebanon style civil war. Give it a couple years and Stockholm will resemble Beirut after the religion of pieces appeared.