Move over Superman: UN taps Pakistani superheroine Burka Avenger to fight extremism

She has already captured hearts across Asia by taking on corrupt politicians and fighting bad guys who tried to shut girls’ schools – and now even the United Nations has been wowed by a superheroine whose only weapons are pens and books.

Move over Superman and Batman. Here comes Pakistan’s superheroine Burka Avenger who might soon be spreading her message of peace and tolerance on behalf of the UN.

So she beheads the kafir with pens and books?

  • Brett McS

    That guy on the right is a Sikh, no? Defender of India against the genocidal Muslims? (Although it took the Brits to actually beat them back).

  • ontario john

    I like the part where she instructs the kiddies on how to make suicide vests.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …the World of Make-Believe…

  • Observer

    Aren’t they all? Avengers, that is? Avengers for perceived slights.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    No match for Israeli Wonder Woman.

    • JoKeR

      Sorry but Wonder Woman can’t do what the Burka Avenger does.

      All BA has to do is expose her face and you will die choking on your own vomit!

  • sk6actual

    Am reminded of the Eric Carmen Billboard failure “Demented Eyes”.

  • “The whole concept [of Burka Avenger] came about because I was reading
    about girls’ schools being shut down and bombed by extremists, and women
    and girls are threatened with violence”

    So he clothes her in the very symbol of that repressive violence. I don’t think this is quite the simple, warm and cuddly concept it claims to be.

  • iowaan

    Why do all the images of Burqa Avenger show her in Niqab and not a burqa?

    • Minicapt

      Because she is ‘Pakistani’, not ‘Afghan’.


  • Bless his heart

    The Burka Avenger will protect Muslimas from clitoris’ all over the world.
    Nevermore will these Muslimas have clitoris’ to enslave them to pleasure.