Linda Sarsour Calls Travel Ban Against North Korea And Venezuela A ‘Muslim Ban’

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour called President Donald Trump’s new travel ban a “Muslim ban” — despite the fact that the new proclamation now features North Korea and Venezuela, two countries where very few practice Islam.

The White House announced the travel restrictions on Sunday, just as the 90-day travel ban expired. All of the countries featured on the original travel ban list are included on the new list, except for Sudan. In addition to the original countries, North Korea, Venezuela and Chad are now included on the travel restrictions list.

  • ontario john

    Well, lets be fair. Its easy to confuse Islamic countries with North Korea.

    • JoKeR

      Except North Korea is less crazy and less murderous.

      • marty_p

        Probably the majority of Muslims in North Korea are Iranian rocket scientists, nuclear physicists and their families all learning how to build bombs and rockets.

      • Rather, its people (save its unelected leader) are less crazy and murderous.

  • marty_p

    According to Google there are 3,000 Muslims in North Korea – clearly Islamophobia is not Trump’s motive.

    • tom_billesley

      In the 1930’s Stalin deported 170,000 Koreans that lived in eastern Siberia near Vladivostok to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in Soviet Central Asia. He didn’t trust them not to side with Japan if conflict arose.
      Some may have returned as muslims.

  • Hard Little Machine

    To be brutally fair, the Iranian government has a noticeable presence in Venezuela and more than a few ‘senior officials’ in the Venezuelan government have oddly Iranian and other Arab sounding names. Just like Cuba had Soviet Advisors back in the day, Iran is helping keep Maduro from the noose by keeping drug running, gun running, counterfeiting and other operations operations on track to get cash for the government.

    • ismiselemeas

      The Venezuelan Vice President is Tareck El Aissami. He’s a Palestinian refugee. He happens to be the number 2 trans Atlantic drug trafficker currently in business. He gets the drugs into Africa, through the Middle East land corridor and into Europe. A significant portion of his profits are paid to Hezbollah to guarantee the trade routes. So basically this guy is overseeing the destruction of Venezuela in order to fund terrorism in the Middle East on a vast scale. The US is desperately trying to track his shell companies and holdings to freeze his assets. Never mind Maduro, this guy is a really, really dangerous narco terrorist.

  • tom_billesley
    • Watchman

      This week’s current winner for ‘Most Stupid Tweet’. It’s really good to see this exposure of someone’s intellect without an editor reviewing the copy and putting a red line through it with the comment, “Delete this or look like a complete uneducated imbecile if this is published.”

    • Clausewitz

      The stupid twat doesn’t realise that any Nork letting it be known that they wanted to emigrate to the US would be executed on sight. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • roccolore

    Linda Sarsour is what happens when you wear a bag on your head too tight.

  • canminuteman

    Hasn’t Iran declared itself that the US is the enemy? If so why let any Iranians in for any reason at all?

    • Watchman

      Community Organisers?
      Industrial, especially nuclear technology, espionage?
      Sleeper Cells if the war goes hot?

  • ismiselemeas

    Lick me Linda, lick me!

    • Slickfoot

      Got penicillin?

  • There is no Islam in North Korea.

    Linda Sarsour is a nutty b!#ch.

  • newz

    Why hasn’t this silly bitch been shot yet?