Islamists Responsible for Rohingya Refugee Crisis

A surge in clashes between Islamist terrorists and the government of Burma (Myanmar) is at the root of a refugee crisis in Southeast Asia that has caused the United Nations and international media to focus attention on the Rohingyas in the northern Rakhine, an isolated province in the west of the Buddhist-majority country.

In late August 2017, a terrorist group calling itself the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) launched a series of coordinated attacks on Burmese security forces in northern Rakhine. When the Burmese Army announced that it had responded by killing 370 assailants, Rohingya activists claimed that many of the dead were innocent people who had not been involved in the attacks. They also accused the authorities of demolishing Rohingya villages — devastation that was shown in satellite images released by Human Rights Watch — but the Burmese government said that it was carried out by ARSA, which had committed similar attacks on Burmese police in October 2016.

  • Martin B

    Gosh why would Burmese Buddhists want to kick such nice friendly folk out of their country?

    • Watchman

      You know you have seriously pissed off people when even the Buddhists start taking up arms against you.

      • newz

        Exactly my thoughts. Well said!

  • Observer

    That sign is not the full truth. They want to kill everybody who is not Muslim.

  • tom_billesley

    New Delhi: In a stunning disclosure, it has been revealed that 300 Rohingyas abducted 100 Hindus on August 25 and eliminated 92 of them.
    Eight people who survived the assassination were all women, who later got converted to Islam.
    They were then taken to Bangladesh, said the Myanmar State Councillor Information Office.

    The revelation comes a day after the Myanmar’s Army discovered two mud pits filled with 28 Hindu corpses, including women and children, outside a village in northern Rakhine.
    As per the Army, it was the evidence of a massacre by Rohingya Muslim militants.

    Speaking to Times Now, several Hindu refugees who survived have recounted that they were threatened and abused by Rohingya militants and forced to convert.

    “We fled here after Rohingya terrorists came to attack us with swords, spears, sticks and guns. They burned our houses and farms. There were hundreds of them, from teenagers to men in their mid-30s. They said ‘this is an Islamic state’. They shouted ‘Rakhine state is our Rohingya state.’ We told them Rakhine state is not theirs. They said they would kill Hindus and we saw them do it. We fled when they set fire to our houses,” said a resident of Rakhine.

    He claimed that more than 30 Hindus were missing and that they recovered 8 Hindu bodies.
    On Monday, graves of 17 more Hindus were found.

    “They came wearing masks. Couldn’t see anything but their eyes. They captured us. They had guns, axes, knives. They hacked my family members to death. They forcefully converted us to Islam. They hacked my husband, sister-in-law, and her son to death,” another woman, who managed to escape, told Times Now.

    “The Rohingya militants have problems with the Myanmar Army as well as the common men who inhabit the Rakhine state. They are torturing and evicting Hindu Rohingyas from the land. Hindu families are brutally butchered and shot,” a Bangladeshi aid worker stated.

    • Watchman

      Sound like the Hindus are in the wrong for opposing traditional islamic religious practices, as exercised by muslims continously over the last 1400 years.


  • Tooth&Claw

    Call me cold. I don’t care if the Muslim invaders are chased out with extreme prejudice.

  • ntt1

    they pull the same shit in Thailand and the Philippines and they are just beginning in Britain and Europe. Its the muslim ideology and the sooner its recognized for the murderous cult that it is ,the better. yes there are 1.7 billion muslims and that should scare the crap out of everybody. there is NO moderate islam.

    • mobuyus

      It’s only 1.7 billion if you count the muslims in waiting.

      • Watchman

        Islam: the ‘Hotel California’ of religions: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

    • tom_billesley

      Target rich environment.

  • barryjr

    There is a direct correlation between numbers of Muslims and violent acts of terrorism. Too bad most people are blind to truth.

    • mobuyus

      You have to immediately turn yourself into the nearest Diversity and Inclusion Directorate, or else you are hitler!

      • barryjr

        Sorry it took me so long to reply I was shaping my mustache. Seig Heil

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The muzzle’ems seek Lebensraum and Religious Ethnic Cleansing…

  • db

    I just read the our state dept. is giving the Rohingyas aid money!
    See second paragraph.

  • sk6actual

    Bastids are nothing but trouble no matter they are.