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These Children Will Murder Our Children

Reimporting Islamic savages who left of their own accord to establish a caliphate in the ME must not be allowed to return under any circumstances. This is a huge betrayal of the Australian public by the Turncoat gov’t. It is nothing short of cynicism and contempt for the taxpayer to declare that “security (comes) first, but welfare of IS fighters’ children will be managed”.

Former Army Ranger Is The Only Steelers Player To Stand For The National Anthem

Pittsburgh Steelers Left Tackle Alejandro Villanueva was the only player on his team to stand for the national anthem — he’s also a highly-decorated U.S. military veteran.

Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, announced on Sunday that his team was taking an unprecedented step in protesting the national anthem by staying in the locker room to “remove ourselves from the circumstances.”

The decision by Tomlin didn’t sit well with Villanueva, who decided to defy his teammates by being present and standing during the national anthem.

Evergreen State allegedly considers moderating ‘toxic’ email discussions

The president of Evergreen State College recently asked employees to halt their “email exchanges which expose every staff and faculty member to toxic expressions of personal opinion,” and instead “listen to each other in new ways” when they disagree.

One option that is allegedly being discussed to accomplish this: administrative oversight of the email distribution lists for faculty and staff.

“Some of the words of the national anthem are white supremacist.”

A quick google got me to “Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem” at The Root, which I read and puzzled over. There’s a line in the third verse, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave,” which The Root says exults at the idea of Americans killing freed slaves who were fighting with the British in the War of 1812. “‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is as much a patriotic song as it is a diss track to black people who had the audacity to fight for their freedom.”

UN report on Canada to address anti-Black racism

The U.N. Human Rights Council is set to discuss a report on issues affecting African-Canadians that makes recommendations to the federal government, including that it apologize for slavery and consider providing reparations for historical injustices.

A UN working group will submit its final report on the human rights situation of people of African descent in Canada to the council Monday based on its consultations with government officials and interest groups during an October 2016 mission to Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax and Montreal.

The report says anti-Black racism “lies at the core” of many Canadian institutions, contributing to inequities in health, housing, education and employment as well as the overrepresentation of African-Canadians in the criminal justice system.

  • BillyHW

    The UN has to be one of the worst ideas in the history of the world.

    • tom_billesley

      Pakistan Caught Lying at UN, Tries to Pass Off Gaza Woman as ‘Kashmiri Victim’

      Pakistan brandished the photo of a woman with facial injuries at the United Nations General Assembly on Sunday. The country’s Permanent Representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi claimed the woman was a “victim of pellet gun injury in Kashmir”.

      The claim, it turns out, was a blatant lie. The woman in the photo is Rawya abu Jom’a, who was injured in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City in 2014.

    • Exile1981

      league of nations?

  • BillyHW

    Maybe it’s time for a Patriotic Football League?

    • Gary

      Plus the United Nations of Democracies. Let muslims slaughter each other so we can finally have peace once their all dead.

  • mauser 98

    ….protesting our Twink-in-Chief..?

    “Sask. Roughriders stand arm-in-arm during O Canada at Mosaic Stadium”

    “Players with the Saskatchewan Roughriders locked arms during the
    national anthem at Sunday’s game versus the Calgary Stampeders at
    Regina’s Mosaic Stadium.”

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Well I guess that gives me another reason to dislike them.

    • Clausewitz

      All those years of teaching history and it seems I missed the episode where the Dukabours were harassing their African Slaves. I feel so ashamed.

  • mauser 98
    • Bla Bla

      Ohhhh below the belt! lol

  • marty_p

    Canada has paid the equivalent of reparations to Blacks already. All those Jamaicans and Somalis sitting in public housing on welfare for decades received plenty of reparation payments.

  • ontario john

    Its RACISM IS RUNNING RAMPANT morning at the CBC. Stories are Trump is a racist bastard, muslim terrorists are being persecuted in Burma, and the UN will demand action on the persecution of blacks in Canada, including financial reparations to descendants. No word on whether Trudeau will run to the UN to apologize. That would make a great ending for Trudeau’s year long apology tour, celebrating Canada’s birthday. Trudeau will be in Toronto today to celebrate the opening of the Chinese retail online giant Alibaba. This is part of the Trudeau fascination and love of fascist China. And the CBC has the heart warming story of a muslim woman with a bag over her head, getting dolls with bags over their heads.

    • Gary

      On 640 am radio for the 6:00 morning show they are still obsessed with Trump and bashed him over the comment where he said “Son Of A Bitch ” .
      So I contacted the one host and dared him to denounce Pierre Trudeau giving the finger to reporters and tell someone to F-off right in Parliament. Then I pointed out Justin being caught calling a fellow MP a Piece of Shit and he had also assaulted a female MP when the rammed into her and didn’t care.

      Sure enough the Host mentioned a listener reminding us of the Trudeau’s and something Justin said that wasn’t nice.
      Then they went on to say that the Trudeau’s didn’t do it in public as the PM making a speech as part of their function as Trump did.
      Justin actually assaulted a female MP while it was Trump that is alleged to have spoken something they find offensive and deemed assault.

      The CRTC has the Media by their balls because Justin is in charge plus Justin bought the CBC with his $500 million plus funding if he won the 2015 election.

      The left and Liberals are nuts. A well known Democrat that does media work for the DNC had attacked Trumps wife because she married to a misogynistic abusive pig … the Host of the Show brought up Bill Clinton being tied to Hillary and was exposed as a rapist and abuser .

      As usual , the Leftists democrat said that that was different because Bill wasn’t running for the Presidents job and it happened long ago .

      sadly…..I pointed out to the 640 am radio host that I now use WBEN 930 am radio from Buffalo to get my Canadian News because they read the BS from the STAR and CBC about Trump and then comment about the REAL Canada and real story .
      The CRTC can’t go after them and nor can Muslims use the HRC’s to get them fired in Buffalo for the truth that doesn’t fit Justin’s fascist propaganda .

      • Tooth&Claw

        Disgusting sycophants and brown nosers.

      • Clausewitz
        • Gary

          The hypocrisy is so overt that John Moore must be in a false reality to keep claiming that the Media bias is a myth by conspiracy nuts on the Right .
          640 am has gone down hill for the Morning show because it has the 2 hosts where the white Matt Gurney speaks of how he’s from Richmond Hill and yet the Website bio claims he a Toronto boy.
          Then there is the Brown female from Immigrants parents in quebec where she cries racism even though she benefited from Diversity in the late 1990’s via her Brown privilege .
          She is now in Toronto that was officially declared as non-white majority city by Census-Canada in 2015.

          2 privileged brats that pretend to speak of the working class and are the typical Canadians.
          Bull… father is from Quebec and Aboriginal. He grew up in the 1930’s as segregated into an English speaking area that was farmland and he was only granted a grade 8 education .
          Canada is screwed if it’s now full of coddled BROWN feminists that bitch about being oppressed while crying racism every week when they live in City that has a majority female population white White Canadian are a minority .
          White males are a Minority group in Toronto … but don’t expect a Diversity hiring plan because Browns and Blacks are the REAL bigots .

          Where’s the feminists and SJW’s to go after Matt Gurney for not seeing that when a women is rammed in the tit by Justin …it’s not assault or misogyny .

    • Thomas Henderson

      The CBC is the voice of the establishment – the Laurentian consensus. Some time during the 1960s the left began its relentless march through the institutions. Since then the student revolutionaries have taken over the corner offices.

      This trend was promoted in Canada when the professor revolutionary, the elder T, took reigns in Ottawa in 68. The students advanced quickly.

      The CBC was fully converged by the mid 1990s. Then it dunked itself in the formaldehyde of identity politics. To criticize the powers-that-be means you are now a bigot. It’s a win-win situation for anyone who sucks on the public teat or bleeds the system. The lesson to be learned by everybody else is to shut up and keep paying the bills.

      RACISM runs RAMPANT every morning at the CBC. And so it must until every prole gives homage to his betters. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  • tom_billesley

    Sweden: Malmö Imam tells fifth graders Muslims don’t eat pork because pigs are homosexual
    English version (Ahmadiyya muslim site)

    • jayme

      One expects idiocy aplenty from muslims, but they do seem rather fixated on the idea of homosexuality. Makes you wonder ….

      • J. C.

        Remember too, that as long as a boy hasn’t reached puberty, f***ing him up the ass is totally acceptable. As long as he’s sexually immature, it’s not gay.

        They are f***ed up bunch, indeed…

      • A Hamilton Guy

        They love Thursday nights with the boys.

    • laja kurc

      This is the kind of imbecility that 1400 years of inbreeding leads to. But maybe this explains why Afghani warlords love their dancing boys; they have been indulging in pork. What simpletons. There is no hope for them.

  • Mickey Oberman

    One may expect nothing positive from that organization sarcastically called ” The UN Human Rights Commision”.
    It backs virtually all those who completely ignore and violatethe rights of humans.

  • simus1

    UN “initiatives for righting wrongs” in western countries invariably trace back to pet energetic marxist dweebs from the locales in question. Third world is a different story. Example: the UN’s long non interest in the suffering people of illegally occupied Balochistan constantly abused and murdered by dumpsterstan’s armed forces and paid mercenaries.

  • Hard Little Machine

    On NPR this morning they cheered Angela Merkel who’s record 4th term was ONLY a protest vote against Trump. That’s it, that’s the only reason Merkel and the EU even exist. They were created to fight Trump.

    It’s pointless to discuss anything with lunatics and window lickers.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    God bless that lady!