Conservative, Inc., Is Being Replaced By Us Militant Normals

I guess now we’re not supposed to be fighting culture wars anymore – man, it’s so hard to keep up with these ever-changing new rules! I’m old enough to remember way back to 2016, before Trump got nominated, and I could have sworn Conservative Inc., was gung-ho for the whole culture war thing. But then Trump actually fought it, taking on the big, soft target that is the spoiled, semi-literate athletes who like to rub their contempt for the flag we love in our faces in the guise of woke wokedness. Now we suddenly discover that fighting back is horribly uncouth and déclassé and “Oh, well I never!”

  • Tooth&Claw

    Go home John and spend your last days in comfort with your family.

    • Clink9

      They probably don’t want him there either.

  • Ed

    “…We aren’t going away; business as usual is over. We aren’t just giving up, tossing away our country, and submitting to the ruling caste…”

    Sounds right to me. “Conservatives” need to figure out what’s more important, electoral power or donor money. Can’t have both.